On today’s episode of Young Hustlers, Grant Cardone explains what it means to really think big. When you think big you get big results. It all comes down to this: if you do not think big you are doing yourself a disservice.

Thinking big involves growth and in order to grow you need to ensure your brand and name are constantly being recognized. That takes money and risks, but don’t let it scare you. You deserve money; you deserve success.

Tune in to learn how to multiple time, money and opportunity.


31 Responses to “Young Hustlers: How to get to the Next Level?”

  1. Bryan Guerra

    Captain Ryan (or whoever the producer is) is like Lil Wayne on track back in the day…carried away with comments & giggles trying to hype it up the track. 😆

  2. 297152011

    Let’s go! Feeling so pumped about the 10x lifestyle, I can’t wait for the growth con. Uncle g my cool non creepy uncle! Is it to soon to call you grandpa G?! 😂

  3. Johnnia Barrett

    Grant thank you for helping a single mom in Bama 10X and kill it everyday! Due to you and your programs I am in the top percent of my region in home sales. Thank you for being such an inspiration! I cannot wait to make my first million dollars and invest with you. GO BIG OR GO BIGGEST!!!😍❤

  4. sean gold

    TV show should be called .. success is your duty & obligation, ( s.d.o TV ) 7 years ago that word changed my my thinking and my mindset.. i been in retail for 26 years already !! but last 7 years has been the best .

  5. Christopher Campbell

    Hi Grant, Ive been working 2 jobs and running 1-2 businesses for the past 3 years trying to go big. I just recently bought my first supercar and want to go bigger already. Im disabled, but want to push my potential to the extreme. I watch your videos daily to motivate me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


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