Where to buy Better items to Sell on Ebay & Amazon

Where to buy Better items to Sell on Ebay & Amazon

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29 thoughts on “Where to buy Better items to Sell on Ebay & Amazon

  1. So, I was attempting to get this webinar tonight, but was also watching your affiliate video. Long story short, I bought the affiliate webinar instead of this one. Two tabs of Rockstar, little sleep and mindless clicking got me to this point. Is it possible i can swap webinars? I have no interest in affiliate marketing.

  2. I do live auctions. I did one Friday that's out in the country. There is a lot of food and kitchen stuff. I don't buy that stuff. Mixed in they have a lot of different items, new in box items, and collectibles. Most of the people at that auction don't know anything about the value of the items. They overpay for items that you would figure they'd be into – NASCAR, Knives, Tools, Hunting Gear.. and those kinds of items. But other items, like electronics, kitchenware, collectibles, jewelry, and other odds and ends they don't bid on. I walk out of there with thousands in inventory for a couple hundred bucks. There are lots of auctions like that across the country. It's still a crap shoot because you don't know what's going to be on auction that night, but it's always worthwhile.

  3. Facebook marketplace has been killing it lately. I have to dig for the good stuff.

  4. I at last minute used a Credit card to pay $9 and as always it would not let me in, Word will not work on this PC. Tries to get to BUY OFFICE SUBSCRIPTION! The card used I will send ending #s in an email to you, just kick the $9 back to Paypal. I really did want to see that and get the templates. Laurie Bullard Brandt Labmedia19 or if you can figure another way for me to see the Video and get templates them, by all means, keep the $9! Please find another way, many, not just me are not able to use Word, mine started messing up when I went 100% Google Chrome Docs and all! And NO, I do not desire to buy Office, Can't afford it at this time! It's honestly not all that, take Google any day over MS Office! You have NO IDEA HOW MAD I AM I MISSED THIS!

  5. šŸ™ Sorry I missed last night's show. Will catch replay, just don't have $9 right now, sorry hate to miss this. Did go to my first GW Bins, my daughter came out ok, not much there for Plus-sized Ladies – will be adding Plus-sized Clothing to my store as crazy as it sounds our GWs has not picked up on Brand name Jeans yet! Bought me Levi's almost new $4, Lane Bryant almost new (or like newish) (going in-store) $4, and will keep grabbing till they catch that too! Still, have the Air Jordans Jumpman 23s that they did NOT catch (4 Watchers, they will go soon), it's a Hit and Miss at GWs here, they had 1 item I bought at reg prices, jacked so it still sits and will as I will not pay that price. But I do have 1 that will get listed. I only bought it 3 days ago, now it is $15 more than what I paid 3 days ago! Same item! New sellers like myself just do not have the money for Pallets in Bulk, we need to buy in more than 1s too. BUT, just as you guys that have been around a while, you too took time to get where you are! Remember back when you were where we are? I am trying and reviewing places to help newer sellers, I think my night will be Saturday weekly updates for this, share as I review and see what I learn from my own experiences and adding in what I can use from the more seasoned sellers! It takes time and you teach me much, even stuff I am currently testing with! As always much respect and a Super Thank you!

  6. Some radio stations and former radio station employees still have entire old record vinyl album airplay collections stashed away and have even forgotten about them. Many of those old radio station albums are rare "for AirPlay only" Editions. Those can be very collectible.

  7. A local University has an annual record album sell on their Arena parking lot and it has become a super huge annual event. The University Library also sells off some great books from time to time. A local high school cheerleaders have an annual yard sale fundraiser and they put a lot of energy into it, their stuff fills up the high school cafeteria and Lobby and it's usually a great selection and over the top. All of these things are usually summer events.

  8. I live in St.Louis-lucky our thrifts are reasonable. — but gs's and auctions are still great!

  9. The problem isnt the items its that the buyers want items cheap

  10. Thanks, Casey: This is just what I mentioned to you when we spoke at Open. We have to travel over an hour for big thrift sourcing(Goodwill, Savers, Deseret Industries), no goodwill bins( those are about 6-7 hours drive to reach nearest ones) another outlet bin and I hoard as much as I can in summer as we actually have a winter here and It is not optimum: hence, looking for alternative sourcing.I am in for Saturday!!!!! Appreciate you.

  11. Thank you for always sharing with us great information. All those tips are well appreciated!šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘‹ā­

  12. Where do I email you. I signed up for tomorrow night and paid but I need the link to go to a different email account

  13. give the address of the auction down the road ?

  14. Clearance racks at the Big box stores.

  15. What time zone is the live session tomorrow?

  16. Casey is real. You can tell as Casey is talking he has actually been there and done it! Most sellers teaching on YouTube can't and don't speak with Casey's Authority. In just a few short years Casey will be at the top as he is absolutely keeping up with the latest trends!

  17. Iā€™m from UK, where are you guys from?

  18. By far the most authentic online reseller Iā€™ve seen. Most of the rest of these people are frauds

  19. Going to a town wide tag sale with about 20 homes tomorrow and a church sale. Every weekend you can find these in your state.

  20. Cool thing is im moving back to Tampa beginning of next year.

  21. Hi Casey's it's been a while since I watched you. I'm going to try my best to get on the live show tomorrow right now I'm watching the replay

  22. Hey Casey happy 13th. Iā€™m in your private group but how do I pay for tomorrow? I bought the entire program šŸ˜€

  23. Thanks for making videos! Happy Friday!

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