What Type of Real Estate the Rich Invest In – Robert Kiyosaki [FULL Radio Show]

What Type of Real Estate the Rich Invest In – Robert Kiyosaki [FULL Radio Show]

FIND OUT WHAT THE TOP PERFORMING REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT IS : Assisted living is a growing and top-performing investment. Victor Menasce joins Robert & Kim to offer a detailed look into his lucrative career investing in the assisted living sector.

GUEST: Victor Menasce

AIR: Aug. 7, 2019


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41 thoughts on “What Type of Real Estate the Rich Invest In – Robert Kiyosaki [FULL Radio Show]

  1. What's your favorite type of Real Estate investment?

  2. Has Kiyosaki ever developed a property from the ground up?

  3. I love their chemistry 😍😍😍

  4. Sit at home and start earning money, hard work is for suckers and easy money earners are the best.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but can someone explain why mobile homes are not wise investments? Isn't rent money from a mobile the same as from any other rental structure? Thank you for any insight you may be able to provide.

  6. Im new to investing so I apologize for sounding dumb for asking this: are there REITs that strictly operate with assisted living facilities?

  7. I appreciate Robert's honesty because we are all responsible and accountable for everything that happens to us. He is telling us all EXACTLY what to do (like many keep asking him to do)….get educated and he leads us to teachers that he has been able to trust. We do deserve what we accept for ourselves. I would rather have his "harsh" truth then someone smiling in my face while they insinuate they have my best interest at heart and then they take my money and run. Nobody has my best interest at heart but me; the sooner I understand that the sooner I can take responsibility for my own success. Thanks again, Mr. Kiyosaki. I respect the truth you tell.

  8. also look into real estate meetup groups near you!

  9. Would you be open to being interviewed on my YouTube channel called One Rental at a Time

  10. Trump knows this – why he pays no tax. Wouldn't put it past him playing the market as his family and friends buy and sell stocks with each presidential trade announcement

  11. You should be the best teacher one could ever have in this subject, watching every vid i can get with you in it and reading every book you ever wrote, yet i find no concise by the numbers courses you provide, could you help find them / point to them?… You will be bloody amazed how hard it is to find Honest Teachers that honestly know their stuff in Africa, and about how to invest in overseas Real Estate to ensure safe investments that won't get nationalised / appropriated… well there are just none.

  12. All Mrs. Kim's facial expressions, shows just how loyal she is to Mr. Kiyosaki! It's a Great Blessing to have somebody, smart, also, on your, side! God Has Been Waiting on us using our minds, for years! Yet, when we, finally do! We still won't say, Thank You! You sir, have Masters of PhD in what use to be called:. Common Sense! So don't get mad when the unappreciative, think they, know, so, much! Jabez Blessings on you both! And, all that concernth, you! The Most Powerful Investment in the land! Thank you, sir! I Pray that I make you proud one day! I will search you, out when I do! And, the lovely, Mrs. Kim, too! Amen.

  13. I just told my friend about your videos! I hope they will do for them, what you ,did, for, me! Thanks is owed. You will one day, see!

  14. Victor is good. He just did not flow! His time of deliberation , was just a little, slow! Did he play it, safe? Or, really, what they were asking him! Did he, know? Love his book. And, Mr&Mrs. Kiyosaki, is the teachers of realistate! Who ever have a problem with his Wisdom. Sit, still, because, he did not call you, Fake!

  15. Thank you for sharing! Look forward to seeing you in Singapore!

  16. Man o Man–Assisted living is SERVICE business, and I can't think of one more open to LIABILITY. People's lives are in your hands. The moral responsibility here is huge and Ambulance chasers are lined up to pounce WHETHER OR NOT you do wrong (TBD by massive EXPENSIVE class action lawsuits. Call me chicken, but No matter how lucrative–I pass on this one.

  17. As far as the staffing is concerned, it's easier to cross train people as Companions/Direct Support Staff to reduced the numbers especially if you hire CNAs and model privately owned facilities that house special needs people and people that suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  18. Thanks for telling us the truth trying to learn the truth

  19. What is the best way to invest into sen living places don't know where to start

  20. You are correct………….Real teachers are the way……………….

  21. Hello , i want to learn how to pay less tax in real estate. Can you made video this topic .

  22. Very good information, I have been following this for years….

  23. victor is good at avoiding sharon's questions

  24. Hi Robert and Kim. What about the idea of investing in real estate overseas where the dollar has more buying power? Also what other countries are having a baby boom similar to U S. ? Thanks.

  25. I want to live in Scottsdale and trade the stock market at home. Then I d like to put the profits into real estate.

  26. It would be something to have a B&B assisted living for those who want to visit for the holidays

  27. How ironic that I decided to listen to your podcast for the first time today! 
    As a Senior focused Entrepreneur for 15 years. I am inspired by your advice to learn from REAL not FAKE people. After being an "IDIOT" in choosing the wrong people to learn from I hope your book offers a definition of who they are so that others can take better-educated risks than I did. 
    The Senior Industry is one that people are often emotionally compelled to dive into before they even know of its business potential. Many are motivated first by FEAR or of solving a 'potential' problem that they have personally experienced. And for some who are keen a business opportunity but, hopefully, both.
    I appreciated you and Victor clarifying the separation of the business opportunities here. Real Estate and Service. I am on the service side but NOW plan to include the Real Estate component as I am able. 
    Market Saturation is important to decide where to open the next facility but overall- as you mentioned the experience of your friend in Hawaii- "Service" is key to the success of the real estate development. Availability of quality service is an opening to those interested in that arena as well as real estate investors who seek that opportunity to improve what someone else has started but are not achieving fully. Often sales are the bait and switch as your friend may have experienced for his $16,000 a month rate. It happens at all levels. Today there are high-end management companies moving in and taking over failing facilities. Also, hospitality companies such as Marriott, et.al. who are providing services. There is great diversity growing.

    As Victor said, the competition is HIGH. Another resource you must already know is Argentum. They will give you the current stats on Senior Living Communities. 

    On the point of service or lack thereof… The reality is that there are close to 50 million family caregivers today because families cannot afford home care. The most recent and shocking statistic is that there are MORE FAMILY CAREGIVERS IN HOSPICE (thanks for defining that for your audience) THAN THERE ARE THE PEOPLE THEY CARED FOR. There are a LOT of opportunities to do good here and a LOT of opportunities to grow. 
    Finally, the use of the term "Senior" is certainly one of the most controversial topics. However, people who are older and that understand the positive inference regard it as the most esteemed title of all. Why not when are taught that the proudest of life's accomplishments are when we are a Senior in HS, a Senior in College, a Senior Executive or a Senior Officer. It is only when we use the term to refer to reaching a certain aging status in life that the insinuation of the title plummets to the opposite. Its simply changing the definition from its implication today to what it TRULY is at any age…one of strength, accomplishment, courage, perseverance- that's what it takes to achieve all the great things in life INCLUDING and especially "LIVING" fully until we die. With your new endeavor, you may want to read: Joe Coughlin's (MIT- AGE LAB)- The Longevity Economy to understand the changes we are all undergoing even more clearly. Thanks AGAIN! I can't wait to learn MORE!

  28. At least 12 beds to be economically viable? Fuck that. I’d need close to $1 million to build one. That’s not the risk I’m not looking forward to

  29. Don't let anyone stop your sense of humor Robert. I enjoyed it.

  30. Poor people keep their parents home until they die, and is is such struggle. (From where I come from there is no such thing as assisted living). That would BOOM in there. Thanks? Hahah

  31. Why this women is talking in between

  32. "She deserved it, that's gods consequence for ignorance…" wowwwwwww

  33. Hello there Robert and Kim. Great program, very informative, excellent guest. Thank u for sharing.

  34. Nice video but I wish there was such a talk for european RE market…

  35. You obviously invested in the wrong real estate foot boy femdom!!!

  36. Thank you Robert Kiyosaki, i have invested in stoke market before but was pinned down by the market and now i have fear of investing it, kindly advice on money management or money psychology.

  37. Rented 16 units all crack heads from nyc. Courts. allow squatters rights, it’s a poor investment especially In nyc. Not worth the headache

  38. This is not for anyone just getting started.

  39. After subscripting to this channel I deleted all the new car videos

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