What Can I Say?

Here is a list of commands that you can say to Lexxa.

Go home – Brings you back to the homepage
Google (info) – Searches on Google and opens a window
Hello – Replies with a greeting
It is still listening – Funny Comeback
Lexxa discount – Get a discount code for Lexxa
How do you spell your name – Spells her name
Open Facebook – Opens SonicServe’s Facebook Page
Open Instagram – Opens SonicServe’s Instagram Page
Open Pinterest – Opens SonicServe’s Pinterest Page
Open RSS – Opens RSS feed
Open Social Blaster – Opens external link
Open Support – Opens the Support Console
Open Ticket – Opens a Support Ticket
Open Twitter – Opens SonicServe’s Twitter Page
Open Website Monitor – Opens external link
Open YouTube – Opens SonicServe’s YouTube Channel
Open YouTube Commenter – Opens external link
Open Zappy Chat – Opens external link
Scroll down – Scrolls down a predetermined amount of pixels
Scroll to top – Scrolls to the top
Scroll up – Scrolls up a predetermined amount of pixels
Tell me a joke – Will tell you  a joke
What can I say – Opens this page
What is (your query) – Lexxa will Google search it
What time is it – Current time
What day is it – Current Day
Where is (location) – Lexxa will Google search it
Who are you – Responds with her name & info
Who is (persons name) – Lexxa will Google search it

More coming soon…