Thrift Flip Home Decor On a Budget + Thrift with me

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46 thoughts on “Thrift Flip Home Decor On a Budget + Thrift with me

  1. I love this!!!!!I also did a thrift flip, heres a video,

  2. I would never have thought to go with matte black but I absolutely will now!! And I love that pendant! Will definitely keep my eyes out for something similar to upcycle. Great Job!!

  3. Thanks for being honest about the success of the projects.

  4. When drilling into metal always start with a really small bit and work your way up to the size you want- it saves alot of time and burnt bits, especially if your working somewhere with flashing (like wall corners like around windows and doors) or fire barriers like in apartments.
    Loved the video, just want to help a girl out💖

  5. The basket you thought could have been a fruit basket…was a candle holder from “ Party Light” came with a top….and was not cheap,!

  6. Omg I work at this store and saw you guys but I didn’t say anything lol. Next time I’ll def say hi 🙂

  7. wow never would've thought to put this together! you are so creative in making cheap things look so expensive!😍

  8. I love the light fixture, would liked to have seen it switched on to see the light effect on the wall <3 'It's not mess, it's creativity!' just sayin 😉 hehe!

  9. those blue vases were so pretty rip

  10. who thinks everything was better without change only except the black vases?

  11. Looks as if you may have needed to thin your paint down a little.

  12. Where’d you get the pampas grass?

  13. Do you use hairspray to keep your grass from falling off? 🙂

  14. Hey guys when is Hlub jewelry coming back ? 😩

  15. Super lindo, que ingeniosa y hermosa 👍👏. Bendiciones desde México 🐶 🐱 Candyta te AMOOOO.💙

  16. Wow, this actually looks lovely!!!! Love you girls!!

  17. Wow I love how you turned that fruit basket into a lantern! Love it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ great job with the diy and decor

  18. You're so creative! I love how you turned that basket into a hanging light!!

  19. I’d love to see more vids like this!! I love your aesthetics sooo much

  20. great vid with clever tips! However, I think you need to update your sound equipment, or at least get some heavy carpets and curtains to get rid of that echo. Otherwise, it was great!

  21. "how it should have went" this grammatical structure hurt my soul

  22. Wow, these turn out so chic. I hope you do more of this in the future. Great job, Sheng!

  23. "the finished product"


  24. P M

    Become an interior designer 🤩‼️

  25. Liked the original blue colors way better. Ruined

  26. Reminds me of gemary’s home aesthetic

  27. For spraying inside maybe you should get a spraying tent. A small one. That's what The Sorry Girls use.

  28. I'm so in love with this, everything looks so beautiful and chic <3 I'm going to try the black mate paint, looks amazing.

  29. Congrats on the new office! Loved the fruit basket that you turned into a hanging lamp! Ooh, she’s a DIY QUEEN. 🤗

  30. b b

    aww omg congrats on the office space!! love this sooo much!!!!

  31. Where’s your top from??? 😍😍 great diys 💕

  32. Queens of thrift shopping 👸👸

  33. I've literally never been this early 😯

  34. This is awesome, love them💕💕

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