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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas speaking to AT&T and his Harbor Solar Employees. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

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48 thoughts on “TGIM | PERSONAL FREEDOM

  1. That's some powerful content ET, thank you.

  2. Does anybody know any of the songs in the background

    This has to be one of my favorites expresly where I'm at in life right now get after all day

  3. Et thankyou for all your content helped me greatly

  4. You need to find something to think about bigger than your distraction

  5. This is legit one of the best TGIMs ever. I'm currently grinding so that I never again have to take orders from people I don't respect.

  6. I travel the country working 70 hr a week.
    I felt this one for real

  7. Does anybody know the background music used in this video

  8. This is an important life lesson you need your personal freedom its part of you.

  9. I was broken down, now I am rebuilding my own life back and giving everything I got for those that I love the most. Beast Mode is upon everyone!

  10. Can you stop yelling at me please? NO I CANT STOP YELLIN CAUSE THATS THE WAY I TALK!!!!

  11. yep….this is what i needed to hear!

  12. The last 30 seconds stung. I needed that today.

  13. Straight FIRE!!🔥🔥For those looking for a vehicle to personal freedom go to this site

  14. E.T goes HAM! With all of these life theories.

  15. ET is getting better and better!!

    Take a look at Damon Dash's interview at the breakfast club, talking about this exact same thing. Really great interview!

  16. Man described me….."150 books but what is he applying"!?!?
    Ok….that hurt. To know is not enough, it's time to apply!

  17. M A

    What book is he reading please

  18. Minute 5:25 is it for me. If you want your personal freedom, you go get it! No one is gonna give it to you. You're either an entrepreneur or you join the wagon. Simple.

  19. Hey ET fans, anyone in the West Coast? ET will be in CA this January. Of course tickets are sold out but I have a couple. He's our guest speaker for 2 days. OMG! I'm so excited. My first time front row.
    If you're serious to mastermind with this guy inbox or text me ASAP. OR (1)562-340-2282.
    I have only 2 tickets though so it's first come first served.

  20. I have that book. Just picked it up again because I got “distracted.” #ericthomas #themotivationmanifesto #brendonburchard

  21. This is one of my favorites

  22. That kid in background doesn't know what he's missing

  23. This one is a life-changer! Thank you E!!!

  24. personal freedom that is not just an isolated verson of oneself nd also a power ultimate grinding power like you ET.

  25. I been watching ET so long I found mistake this video he said told the boss he is going anyway before he said he didnt go see his daughter and it hurt enough to quit the job

  26. This Guy Changes Something in Me From the Inside Out Everytime I hear Him.


  28. Amazing video !!!! Maybe my favourite !!!!

  29. ET you gotta do some talks in Japan. Companies enjoy way too much control over their employees: how they dress, how long they work, where they live. They literally break up families with some transfers, and 99% of Japanese workers accept it as fate. You are needed in Japan.

  30. Man this is one of best Motivation Speech!!! Love it.

  31. You are F*****G Awesome! Needed this video for a long time, definitely finding that book – you just got another follower, thank you.

  32. Opinion: can we take away the music that plays while Eric talks? It takes away from the message more than anything. music towards the very end is more powerful. Thanks

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