Social media marketing is more than just promoting stuff online and expecting a return of investment to be substantive. It is more about connecting to people who will be potential buyers. Many believe that as long as there are many linked users or subscribers to one's post, ROI would be equally the same. However, there are two factors which limit the probable rate of ROI which are the quality of links, and the attitude of users towards the author.

Much like in show business wherein one's wares are promoted to a number of viewers, social media marketing works in a similar way with online subscribers. When the online viewers do not get a feel of the posting, there would not be so much of a feedback.

In turn, there would not be established patronage of whatever is promoted. One of the first things to be established in a possible clientele base is the attention. Each successful linkage to a responding individual becomes an added marketer through referrals.

The attitude of the people in one's links is established after getting their attention. This either is a good or a bad one. Having the initial attention as positive as possible is best as the latter may immediately mean one less potential client base to have.

Neverheless, having someone in a good attitude does not necessitate meaning a successful addition to the list as the attention and perception of each good response may dwindle or improve through as new content is added to the post.

A good way to keep the attitude of linked subscribers and keep social media marketing in a healthy state is to keep them interested. Keeping them interested means keeping their attention. This can be achieved by providing new content that is both reliable and valid. Another is to offer a healthy feedback environment to increase the overall quality of a two way process between readers.

The quality of the links also plays a vital role in determining the ROI for a given campaign. You may have thousands of approved invites within a certain community, but they may be spam accounts; that is, they are just accounts made for a different purpose, instead of a unique profile that is active.

Having a useful of links is a good start, as long as they are real people, not business accounts or fan pages. Social media marketing works best with good socialization between real people who are active in the community. Start with a few but manageable links and increase it gradually. A well managed network increases the quality of the network, thereby increasing viewers' potential to refer these to their own networks, extremely upping potential ROI.

Source by TJ Corruthers

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