Selling Sterling Junk Silver in a Coin Store

eBay Scam or Jackpot Coin Morgan Silver Dolla Roll Taking Them to a Coin Store –

P.O. Box 49
Waynesville, NC 28786


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46 thoughts on “Selling Sterling Junk Silver in a Coin Store

  1. Love how he gets so excited about the $2 dollar bills 👍

  2. If i got the cash id be like…."Dangit, that's 6 bucks i can spend now!" Does anyone really spend 2 dollar bills?

  3. That's outstanding that he paid you with $2 bills. That is a nice touch!

  4. What's the big deal with 2$ bills?

  5. Good deal
    Get the beers 🍺 in 😂🤣

  6. Good seeing you again Taras!

  7. Come on you have tons of influence where's your mask

  8. Buy yourself an electric kiln and start pouring your own silver.

  9. Whats your thoughts about the Lebanon massive explosion 💥

    Crazzyrussianhacker: Boom

  10. 9.25 is the only real Sterling Silver

  11. It would be cool if u was to melt some down yourself and make silver bars

  12. What's to prevent fakers from stamping sterling or 92.5 on plated junk?

  13. T

    Gross, you got cash, should have gotten some clean silver instead

  14. Now that's my kind of transaction. 👏

  15. Did you buy more silver tho?

  16. Taras will be presenting Antiques Roadshow in 20 years time. Mark my words.

  17. im really enjoying these part of this series, really educating yourself and us, keeping us from getting scammed!

  18. Cool yeah you'd have to save alot of sterling silver and buy it cheap on yard sales in antique stores or estate sales and keep track of what you paid and hope you made a good investment

  19. I love asking my bank for $2 bills they just make me feel like more fancy broke

  20. Great job
    You guys play off well together
    Enjoyed both I've seen at coin store
    And free publicity!

  21. I love the coin store guy, he seems super genuine!

  22. Hi Tarus, how are you doing today!

  23. Put foil around bowl put baking soda in foil bowl put in your silver pour boiling water. Walla shiny silver. Try it

  24. I was suprised he just gave you the 2 dollar bills

  25. I love the selling of junk silver maybe i could sell some

  26. it’s nice to see you happy Taras!

  27. The way the guy laid out the cash was so satisfying

  28. I thought he lived in Russia, looks like he's in America

  29. 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👌

  30. I collect the 2 dollar notes !!
    Could you ship them to India to me please ??

  31. that guy stares right into your soul

  32. Wow, so now even the biggest youtubers are looking to make some quick cash. Hard times to be alive.

  33. I like this jewerly guy 😂

  34. Melt it into a Stirling engine… a Sterling Stirling.

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