Seller Board | Tremendous Value | Save Money | Retail Arbitrage Online Arbitrage Wholesale | FBAop

Seller Board | Tremendous Value | Save Money | Retail Arbitrage Online Arbitrage Wholesale | FBAop

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This is a sponsored post

Although this is a sponsored post I do believe this service is well worth the small amount they charge every month. In fact, at the $29/month level they handle the task of requesting customer feedback that can cost almost $60/ month alone from other companies. Besides that, Sellerboard formats your seller data in easy to understand layouts so that you can easily seek reimbursements from Amazon for damaged or missing inventory and customer returns that Amazon didn’t credit you properly for. Sellerboard will add tremendous value to your E-commerce business whether you do retail arbitrage, online arbitrage or wholesale.

I really like how they show a total sell through value of your current inventory after Amazon fees. This is awesome as it shows me approximately what I would receive from Amazon after I turn my inventory. There is an additional report for Amazon FBA fee changes; this is amazing to see the history of fee changes in the products you sell. Honestly if you are selling over 50 SKU’s this would be almost impossible to track without Sellerboard.

If you are experiencing tracking and accounting issues with your business and feel stressed or anxious Sellerboard might be worth a try in order to relieve the stress and anxiety and increase your profits. It will show you in a easy to understand format what is going on with your E-commerce Amazon business.

Please check it out here for a 2 month free trial:

Again, I do believe this service adds tremendous value and far exceeds the $19-$29/month they will charge you. Please check it out!

My Bio:
After I graduated college in 2000 with a degree in Finance I moved to NYC with a few grand in my pocket and became a successful stock trader. I worked on Wall Street and in the NYC area for 17 years trading stocks and options successfully; the last two years have been in South Florida. Around January of 2019 I was feeling tired of trading and was looking for other opportunities to explore. I was looking for a BIG career change. I wanted something with huge upside and day-to-day freedom. I soon discovered Amazon FBA and was hooked. I made my first sale on or about March 12th, 2019 and have grown my sales to around $33,000-$36,000 per month. I feel the opportunities are endless in both selling on Ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Mercari and in helping others achieve their dreams of running their own profitable business.

I have a hugely positive outlook on my future and the future of others. I believe anything is possible in our lives and we are only limited by our own imagination. With persistence and education, you CAN achieve your dreams.

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