Max Cash Flipping for 10 Hours Grand Exchange (Insane) OSRS Challenge!

Today we flip on the Grand Exchange with MAX CASH in OSRS! 2147m
Ge-Trackers website:

Thanks to all the boys who came through and loaned me the GP to make this epic flipping video! Remember, to enter the giveaway of the profits subscribe to the channel and leave your Runescape Username in the comments, winner picked next video!

Had loads of fun using 2147m an insane amount of GP to flip some of the biggest and baddest osrs items there are for 10 hours straight! Happy with how the results turned out!

Play Oldschool Runescape Here:


Non-copyright Lo-fi

Secretcrates – Springtime stroll

Outro gif: @Normal_Neighbor (IG)

Thanks for watching the videos and hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe out there!


50 thoughts on “Max Cash Flipping for 10 Hours Grand Exchange (Insane) OSRS Challenge!”
  1. Stat C I still love seeing your vids man. Don't let anything get to you! To put it in perspective, your channel is the only channel I have Alerts set up on. Hoping you go hard in the next league, too. Wildernaut V2 is fine with me.

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