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Free Version:

Donate Version:

Debugging WordPress can sometimes be a pain, our goal is to make it easy, which is why Loginator was built with this in mind. From creating a log folder, to securing it from prying eyes, Loginator is here to save you time and resources, so you can focus on creating astonishing applications. Once activated, Loginator essentially becomes a core part of WordPress. Due to this we prevent deactivation as it is highly recommended to not uninstall Loginator until you have removed all references to the loginator function inside your WordPress installation.

Free Features:
Global Enable/Disable
Flags for Critical, Errors, Debug, and Info
Creates files named based on flags unless otherwise defined.
Our beautiful comments follow WordPress Developer Standards, that when paired with Visual Studio Code or other supporting IDE’s will elaborately explain how to use the loginator function
Auto detect if data being logged is an array and pretty prints it to the file
Disable Loginator deactivation to prevent function not existing errors

Donate Features:
Email on CRITICAL flag
Pipe Dream logging


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