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45 thoughts on “Jake is starting a new team! Box Game

  1. Me watching grown ass men jump on a trampoline 👁👄👁

  2. There is ENTIRELY too much drama for a trampwall team

  3. Even when Jake cheated he still won

  4. Is there a full video of Karen meltdown?

  5. When u run out of idears so u steal jakes 😬

  6. Of course her name is Karen 💀💀💀

  7. Jake is like the anime protagonist

  8. Good game boys also great job jake I love your content

  9. Anyone else get sketched out by the sound when they walk on top

  10. The six people who are disliked are jealous bc they good

  11. Karen is maybe an actual karen

  12. Jake can I join (and get training) jk lol

  13. I was waiting for Jake to win I am so happy for him.

  14. Did he quit because of Karen? I didn't really understand the argument at the beginning.

  15. Why do I feel like I have seen the ending a while ago

  16. Jake better let Paul in his new team

  17. Jake looks fit just sayin plus he improved a LOT

  18. I told him on tik tok to make a new team my tik tok is

  19. Ahh yes, this was what needed to be done.

  20. 420 likes and 1 dislike. Karen disliking the vid

  21. Is Paul gonna be on the team? He better be.

  22. Is Paul going to be on the new team?

  23. I always likes jake the most and he always got hated on so im glad he started his own team

  24. And I also want Paul on ur team

  25. Yesssssssssss new team!!! Captain Jake so excited

  26. Screw the owner. Good job Jake!

  27. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Now jake needs to get Paul!! And some new people. Then they will be unbeatable.

  28. The dislikes are Karen and her "backups"

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