I Quit Buying and Selling Gaylords of Bulk Books on Amazon FBA

I Quit Buying and Selling Gaylords of Bulk Books on Amazon FBA

In this video, I talk about the reason I stopped buying and selling gaylords of bulk books. I do still sell books on Amazon FBA, however, my strategy is to cherry pick higher profit books from library sales and independent thrift stores. Hope you enjoy this video!

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8 thoughts on “I Quit Buying and Selling Gaylords of Bulk Books on Amazon FBA

  1. Makes sense. That's quite a large expense

  2. Textbook sells don't up some in January? That's a start of a new semester

  3. Nicholas – from my experience Goodwill has been scanning their books for years now. I've had tours of multiple GW's and i've seen their scanning set ups. Some are massive and they usually just pull out the top, most profitable stuff. Seems odd yours just recently realized this on their own.

  4. First of all, who knew Tarot cards were so profitable!? Haha! Second, thanks for the info on bulk books. Looking to get into that in 2020 and it's good to hear of pain points for people. Also, I like the way you showed some of your sales with the break down. Keep hustlin.

  5. I wish all the bulk & mega sellers would just disappear into thin air. It's these folks sending in tons and tons of junk that has largely resulted in FBA devolving over the past few years into a barren wasteland of totally worthless books.

  6. Nicholas, do you mean that all the books you buy in a Gaylord are good for Amazon FBA or profitable? Please explain what process or criteria you used in selecting what is suitable and what you do with the other ones.

  7. DVD’s and CD’s for FBA are taking the place of books for me. Way less competition.

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