I met Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee this afternoon in Toronto at a speaking engagement. I apologize if I sound negative in this video, but I had one hell of a day in the office. Want to jump directly to Gary’s speech? click here 5:15

My take home from the event? Don’t overpay for VIP tickets, when the general admission would be just fine. Gary’s talk was great, and I will practice what he preached with a new Facebook & Instagram PPC campaign for www.anerdsworld.com.

I will be giving away my autographed copy of Gary Vee’s book, simply leave a comment below and I will do a random draw in exactly 14 days (the amount of time I will need to read it).

Have a wonderful evening, and thank you for the support.


16 Responses to “I MET GARY VAYNERCHUK”

  1. Victor Mendoza

    Gary's videos are good, but I like yours better. Gary seems to have more business knowledge, but only ever talks about posting on social media. I wish he made better videos about the actual business intricacies he has knowledge in instead of finding a million ways to talk about how to use snap chat. I agree with Matt Brittingham about the networking being more impactful. Heck charging me 1200 to tell me to post on social media, you better be also doing my taxes or something.

  2. Sergio Ramirez

    I’m currently working on building a web agency because I’ve been able to get clients without having a site of my own. Thank you for making this channel because it has really help guide me on how I should run my agency. You and Gary Vee rock and both of you are great mentors.

  3. Matt Brittingham

    I think the biggest takeaway from events like these is the ability to network with others. Maybe the speaker is good, maybe not, however what you do get is the opportunity to break the ice with others in the group really easily (you already have something in common to talk about (social dynamics I guess)). I learn best through Youtube and similar platforms as well, I think this is because – a. the speaker is talking directly to their audience (being more specific rather than general) and b. this means "optimistically", getting to the point faster, direct/concise – no fluff (I can tell almost immediately if the information is valuable or not and this helps me stay motivated to focus easier). Appreciate the upload and sharing your experience, congrats on the anniversary!

  4. Nathan Pearson

    It must be a web designer thing. It takes me awhile to read a book as well. I totally agree that I'd rather sit down and watch videos specific to what I'm trying to learn. However you always have to agree with the boss.

  5. Inn-Sync

    Hi Chris! first off, I love your videos, really inspiring! I've been working on Fiverr for the past year and a half really just to build my portfolio and experience and it's my passion. however, I now have close to 200 reviews all 5 stars but it's just not cutting it on earnings. Your video motivates me to get started on my own so I've started to build my own website! any tips?


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