The increasing intersection of geopolitics and economics presents new challenges to investors. Jim Rickards joins Robert & Kim to discuss his latest work into predictive analytics. Find out the real risks to your wealth and separate the hype from what’s important.

GUEST: Jim Rickards

AIR: July 24, 2019

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30 Responses to “How To Survive The Aftermath? – Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rickards [Full Radio Show]”

  1. Brian Berkoff

    Mr Rickards, you are way too smart not to understand that Trump is only a step or two away from actually overthrowing the constitution and becoming the first autocratic tyrant to rule what will never be the United States of America again. Shame on you.

  2. Website guy

    Bullshit they all knew what they were doing going off of gold. Watergate was a giant cover and Trumps impeachment is hiding the move to digital and America losing world currency position.

  3. Ivaylo I

    Rickards with his favorite "wrong models"… They are not stupid or lying, it's just the "models", you see. Can I ask, in what other field, you will chose to solve a problem with the wrong tool, and not being called stupid? It's like being a PhD in mechanics, trying to screw a bolt using a wrench… But you see, otherwise he is a great mechanic…

  4. Horlok Siu

    If one should not trust the banking system, and if one purchase "paper gold" through the bank like trading stocks, would this be unsafe also? Or one should buy physical gold in ounce?

  5. Clarence Edwards

    The US have only themselves to blame for the dollar-less trade that is taking place between Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and the others. If they continue to sanction more countries you are going to be seeing more of this. There is the probability that this action may devolve into a military conquest of some sort, given the link between economies and wars; only time will tell.

  6. Asad Sheikh

    Americans are worried despite the fact that due to deficit financing over decades interest rates were throughout kept subdued. Because America had the luxury of printing CURRENCY. Had this been not the case America had interest rates like 15-20% to be minimum. Which would have made all the so-called wars for the govt and business loans virtually impossible. The luxury of cheap mortgages, car loans and education would also not have been there for anybody. If Americans are so worried about their economy how America played havoc through fake wars around the world and created misery is not difficult for Americans to understand.

  7. trwsandford

    Someone please give Jim Rickards a damn haircut. Or just shave it already. He is a very smart man, and doesn't need to look this stupid.

  8. Carol Bucholtz

    Buying metal.. how do you know it's as advertised..99.999?
    I heard gold is being counterfeitd, you won't know until you turn it in.. there are no serial no's.

  9. Press Play

    they don't care that they can't remove Trump from office. They just want to give him a black eye with an impeachment, just in time for the election.

  10. lunchplateboy

    This wasn’t a good show Robert. No substance. Just a lot of fluff, self-promotion, and useless information from your guest that had nothing to do with the topic of the show.

  11. lunchplateboy

    Think of the purpose of sheep and you’ll understand how the Fed and their circle of friends operate the economy. Every few years they sheer the sheep. Let it grow; sheer it. Let it grow; sheer it. People cannot even begin to comprehend how much money is made from recessions.

  12. Peter Lukaszyk

    We allowed bankers to run the world and now we are surprised they are getting rich by ruin everyone else?
    Where are customers yachts? ask M.Maloney one of a banker in big marina.There are non.

  13. Thomas Pick

    He blew you away? What does that mean? You put a gun to your head and blew your brains out? I think not, you are still alive. Or, does that mean he blew you. Gave you a blow job. Which is it? Rickards must like Trump’s hair style. As, he has adopted the comb over.

  14. Melanie Grant

    Let's be Big Picture about this….as you're investing in gold, silver, and assisted living real state, let's also purchase some land for an underground bunker where one can store food, water, important literature, supplies, clothing, and medicine.


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