How To Start Selling On Amazon FBA Step By Step EASY To Follow BEST Tutorial From A-Z | Mike Rosko

How To Start Selling On Amazon FBA Step By Step EASY To Follow BEST Tutorial From A-Z | Mike Rosko

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In this video, I’m going to be showing you how to start selling on Amazon FBA step by step easy to follow best tutorial from A-Z!

0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Retail
3:50 – 3 Most Important Pieces Of This Business
6:35 – What is Amazon? How Does It Work?
9:35 – Your Business Goals/Other Business Models
13:30 – Starting a Business
15:36 – Create Amazon Seller Account
16:45 – Essential Tools (Mostly Free)
17:30 – Buy Box
22:00 – How To Find Suppliers
26:53 – How To Contact Suppliers
29:10 – How To Sign Up With Suppliers
29:55 – Permits/Certificates
32:56 – How Supplier Sends Deals
34:50 – Product Research
48:27 – How To List A Product
52:57 – Manufacturer Barcodes VS. Amazon Barcodes
56:16 – Ungating
57:04 – Meant to say Microsoft not Amazon!
57:45 – MAKE SURE FINALIZED INVOICE YOU ARE SUBMITTING! Ask your supplier for one prior to purchasing the product!
1:02:11 – Shipping
1:12:19 – Recap
1:15:08 – Building Relationships With Suppliers
1:16:07 – Advanced Strategies

The Online Retail / Amazon FBA business model is VERY powerful! The sky is the limit! This business model has worked for 100’s of years! Buy low, sell high!

Big name brands, popular name brand products will continued to be manufactured, continue to pump millions and millions of dollars into advertising and customers will most likely continue to buy those products!

So what’s your goal? To source big name brand products from authorized suppliers who have the legal right to sell those brands at a lower cost and sell that at a higher price and PROFIT and REINVEST!

It’s no secret that e-commerce is on the rise, so jump on the train now while it’s still early! Scale to the moon and live the life you want!

Depending on what source you use online retail only makes up about 7%-16% of the entire retail space and we have seen how many brick and mortar stores have been closing!

The hardest part is STARTING, it’s time to get over that fear, work hard and build out the foundation of your business, scale it, then automate it!!!

Look at how and where Sam Walton started, look how and where Jeff Bezos started, look at their net worth now! BE PATIENT!!! Like I said retail has been around for hundreds of years, it’s simply the art of buying low and selling high!


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🎁 About this channel : My name is Mike Rosko and my channel is 100% dedicated to providing information on how to legally sell big name brand products online aka online retail or also commonly referred to as Amazon FBA Wholesale.

I have worked under and learned directly from some of the leading retailers, online retailers, and top 6, 7, and 8 figure Amazon sellers in the industry. My primary goal and main purpose in life is to change as many lives as I can by helping people live the life they dream of!

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18 thoughts on “How To Start Selling On Amazon FBA Step By Step EASY To Follow BEST Tutorial From A-Z | Mike Rosko

  1. Do have any questions or comments? Feel free to put them below!!! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. So if we meet the buy box criteria, we will get an equal split among the other sellers?

  3. Why dont you do private label?

  4. Im new to FBA, can you PLEASE make a video on shipping??? Its soooo confusing

  5. How much can we realistically expect to make?

  6. So all I need to do is submit any invoice and I can get ungated?

  7. So how would I get sent the best deals for brands?

  8. This is hands down the best Amazon tutorial video I have seen so far!!! Thank you so much!!! Cant wait to check out your free course!!!

  9. How much money do I need in order to start this method? Thanks in advance! Great video btw

  10. Wait so how do you find suppliers and how do you know if there legit?

  11. Why didnt you show us how to create new listings? You said you would show us from A-Z…

  12. Can’t wait for more videos! Awesome work

  13. Hi, I’m new to this platform of selling. I found a retailer, that can ship to amazon FBA centers. I have no control on how the packages are set or prepared. It will be 3 or more items being sent each time. More as we build trust. The items won’t have the retailers name on the items. Maybe the boxes and invoices we’ll have the retailers names.

    As being sent to FBA centers. Would this be ok or can you help better this processes for me?

    If sent 3 items to FBA this way how much would the fees typically be?

  14. Awesome vid dude, earned you a new sub. I've made a few videos on how to make $$$, please take a look on my channel <3 Thanks!!

  15. I am loving your channel so far!! Awesome perfect video on this!! I am in love. I tried to access the free course, and unfortunately, it did not work. Did you change the link for the course?

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