How To Find Cheap Houses To Wholesale In Minutes – Using

If you’re into wholesaling and flipping, then you know how important it is to have as many different ways as possible to find discounted properties. Well on this video I’m going to show you a how to find cheap houses to wholesale in minutes using a simple search on…


VIDEO: How to Use Price Per Sqft To Find Under-Priced Properties

VIDEO: How To Wholesale On-Market Properties


Jerry Norton went from digging holes for minimum wage in his mid 20’s to becoming a millionaire by the age of 30. Today he’s the nation’s leading expert on flipping houses and has taught thousands of people how to live their dream lifestyle through real estate.

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31 thoughts on “How To Find Cheap Houses To Wholesale In Minutes – Using

  1. Wow…..eyeopener, Jerry. I am definitely gong to ad this method and technique to my wholesaling lead and acquisition process. You truly are a genius and appreciate you for all the teaching, coaching and education you provide.

  2. What age can you start wholesaling

  3. Man you made it so simple great presentation 💪🏾

  4. Hello Jerry. What if the house already has an agent assigned to it? is it possible to still wholesale that property?

  5. Thank You so much I’m getting into wholesaling and need help on how to go about finding houses. This was very helpful. 😊

  6. Jerry, does it matter how long a propertyhas been sitting on the market, or does DOM not matter

  7. Jerry, when i find a property, how do i check whether its foreclosed or bankowned? Also, how do i find out whether the utilities are operational so i can estimate repair costs?

  8. C B


  9. Thanks Jerry. I will use Redfin to go after fixer uppers.

  10. In the FILTER area. I also suggest turning on “Fixer Upper” & “Price Reduced.” A lot of times, they may have had their 2nd, 3rd, or more price drop. (Skyrocket Motivation). AND the price may finally be near where it really needs to be at. And just follow Jerry’s tactics to help the agent help you; by going to bat for you.
    I recently JUST experienced exactly that. A property was on its 3rd price reduction, it the pool of both fixer upper and price drop, and it began at $200k, but needed to be near $145k. By time its third price drop, it was near $165k. I got the agent to go to bat for me by helping him get double the commission, and letting him know we are ready to buy asap if we get the price we want,(he’s getting tired of dropping the price and all and ready for his double commission😏), but I also used facts and data to help him understand why I needed to be near $145k. And he just said they are NOW at $155k(4th price drop). A little more time for me and the agent and we will get this seller where we need them. It works people!!!!! @flippingmasterytv 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  11. how do i find the contact info of the owner when i find a house on redfin that could be a potential deal

  12. Would you do some examples using Zillow? Redfin is not in my area.

  13. Jerry Thank you for this information. What about short sales?

  14. I hate it but we do not have Redfin on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; shame!! Thanks for the great info though!!

  15. I'm looking to flip contracts just nervous😩

  16. Knowledge is Power when you're new at something! Thanks Jerry!

  17. Jerry thanks for the information your giving us, I am a young man looking to get into real estate investments, I keep getting confused on which avenue to take. I think I would enjoy the process of flipping, but I also think wholesale would be a better start because of the less risk more work approach. I’m saving up to start my adventures so right now knowledge is key. Any advice?

  18. I remember that the first Jerry video I watched I trashed Redfin. But now it's my #1 site to use. Funny how things change when you learn the facts.

  19. Can you wholesale a property if it is foreclosed but listed with an agent?? I see a property that may have some value. Just didn’t know if it would work or not? & how?

  20. Good morning Jerry. Does this or can this be applied to other websites like Redfin such as Homesnap and Zillow?

  21. Are these off market or on market Properties that I have to work with a realtor. Can you send me the link on how wholesale with a realtor?

  22. Hey Jerry! Can you make a video explaining subject to the existing financing

  23. Thanks Jerry great video God bless you

  24. What do we say to the people that say, “I don’t work with wholesalers because their shady” or “I’ve never met anybody who wholesaled and had success”? I’ve ran into this a couple times now and I never have a response! What would you say?

  25. So i been talking to my coworkers about what i learned an wen we got deep seem like everyone was downing me saying it's a reverse scheme??? how is wholesale a reverse scheme do u have video on that lol an most of them were all old heads 47 in up lol i think they have lack of knowledge an don't understand lmaoo instead they say i won't be able todo it an i told them no i won't be able to do it with yall cuz yall are not motivated sellers lmaooo i love that motivation the downing

  26. You have definitely helped understand it. I need to get the software when i actually close

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