How to Create a Menu in WordPress

Step-by-step How to Create a Menu in WordPress for your website!

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31 thoughts on “How to Create a Menu in WordPress”
  1. mine looks totally different and there is no top nav bar or drop box with the other stuff (about , gallery etc. πŸ™ I am so confused with word press editing!

  2. Thanks for this – your instruction is really well explained and demonstrated. I spent half a day trying to figure this out watching other videos. Yours is the first one that made sense, and I just made a drop down menu within minutes!

  3. Your videos are super helpful! Would you mind showing how to edit the primary menu font size and color with Elementor? I know how to edit the size of the logo in the header, but that's it. I've been researching much but can't find the typography section for headers! THANK YOU

  4. I do like your explanation and demo, it is simple and understandable for someone like me who doesn't have any experience in customization. Hope to see more of your videos especially on how to boost a website to attract more viewers.

  5. Hi, just out of curiosity… Why should anyone learn HTML CSS, specially when you can create a beautiful website using only WordPress? With the "Elementor Pro" it's so easy to design a beautiful website. I mean I don't want provoke anybody. I just want to know why? Also in Fiverr, there's a lot of work for WordPress developers whereas I don't see many people asking for static HTML CSS developer. It makes sense because the clients wouldn't just want to be left off with a design that he cannot change. I mean with static HTML CSS, if a client isn't familiar with it, even to change a simple image, he'd have to hire somebody. But with WordPress, he can do it himself. It's very easy for the clients to manage a WordPress and because it has a good demand, WordPress developers can make more money whereas static HTML CSS developers can't. So why should people invest his time into learning HTML CSS which doesn't guarantee his income?

  6. Nice one❀️ PLEASE SIR… I’ve always wanted to beg you for this but I don’t know if you do see all my comments on your videos, PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW TO BUILD A CRYPTO-CURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE or a smart contract website or an ico landing page website with WordPress or something… PLEASE πŸ™πŸΎ

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