Navigating the PC culture not only presents ever-changing obstacles to business owners, it threatens success. David Goggins joins Robert to discuss his war against political correctness. WARNING: This episode contains adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

GUESTS: David Goggins, Josh Lannon

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33 Responses to “How To Accomplish Your Goals | Give your 100% NOW – David Goggins & Robert Kiyosaki”

  1. danankah jones

    Robert, wuts up!! Your awesome dood!! Ive known about you and your books for years. I am a David Goggins fanatic, and i am now on round 3 of his Audio/ Podcast " Cant Hurt Me" David Goggins is Revolutionary!! Love you David!! Thank you Rob for having him on ur show!!!

  2. internetmusic123

    Why go to school if all you need to study is right here on the rich dad channel. Keep bringing this quick ass people to speak to the masses… you are doing great for the world.

  3. min k

    You are so out of touch with reality. If you have kids, you need affordable health care thus have no choice but to go corporate. My child became so sick. His hospital bill came out to $800,000 and needs meds everyday. We paid a fraction out of pocket thanks to our insurance thru work. You generalizing and condescending on the people that choose to get an education and getting a professional job is frustrating. Without our insurance my son would not be alive because we had access to the best hospital in the country. I plead that you be more empathetic but obviously you are on some pr run to promote your genius ideas. People are all in different circumstances. Your ideas are too broad and pompous to push it onto people. You are seriously close to an Asian Trump with your closed mindedness. Btw I'm Korean American. My father served in the US Army and served in Vietnam. Your background is not that fascinating so please get off your high horse.

  4. durian walker

    Robert, i suggest you make a trade with goggins, he coaches you for six month while you coach him for six month, then make a movie about you running 100 miles and goggins making a million bucks

  5. random man

    these kids today are NOT snowflakes, they are some of the most strong people this planet has ever known, they are going through things that are tougher then many have ever gone though, and just the fact that people are trying to kick them while there down by calling them snowflakes is just another tuff thing they have to go through

  6. Moto4 Life

    my son was headed to be a ummm yeah and i guess it backfired on me now he is "teen" and boy does he get an attitude now. so i'd say raising kids in this day when backgrounds are being changed. i just hope he remembers "our talks" . thanks for your vids , everyone can learn alot from them . thank you sir have a great day


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