How I make over $10,000 a month in passive income (my response to GaryVee’s videos)
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Hey there – it’s me Sarah. Y’know, lots of people say to me, “Sarah – I want to quit my job, I want to be a millionaire too. How can I do that?”

Well, my answer is always the same. You have 3 ways to do that:

1) You can get lucky and win the lottery.
2) You can get lucky, and be born into a wealthy family.
3) You can make your OWN luck, and build a successful business.

Here on this channel, that is what we’re dedicated to helping you do. Our videos are packed with actionable advice on how you can start, grow and scale your own successful online business. Subscribe today and start YOUR journey!


39 Responses to “How I Make $10,000/Month In Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing (GaryVee Response Video)”

  1. imaworkinprogresst00

    Well I never heard of that man Gary v which is great cause he is someone I wouldn’t want to hear his negativity and sarcasm… I’m working on my passive income as I write this… you are doing great work Sarah and thank u for opening my eyes to this side of the techy world

  2. VRW G

    Passive income is so rare to work out it's nearly pointless for most people to even try and takes a bucket load of work to even get to that stage.

  3. Victor Fer

    Well said Sarah and it's about time a actual online income trainer responded to Gary. I do like Gary, he is a force. Watch him regularly. However Gary V is the biggest blow hard in the online industry. He rants and does not bother to plan his speeches or guest talks. He figures that all the information he will need is in his head. He says it himself. So a blow hard. On Joe Rogan he kept switching his opinions as soon as Joe Rogan would listen and then correct or laugh at him. Take Gary with a grain of salt for motivation and listen to Sarah for real world advice and step by step training to make MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$ thank you Sarah the aussie gril.

  4. d friendly

    As a public speaker I know it takes one hour preparation, that includes research and practice time, for every minute of presentation time. As a sales person if I scimp on practice my paycheck takes a hit.

  5. Abdullah Ar Rafi

    Doing nothing and earning money truly doesn't exist. Gary wasn't inherently wrong. Affiliate Marketing is more like residual income, which solely depends on the traffic and the organic visitors of a website and/or a channel. Doing absolutely nothing and still earning millions isn't possible.

  6. Sexy Loving Him

    Man. I disagree with you. Passive income only happens once you WORKED to make it happen. You still had to put in the work.

    When people hear passive they automatically think push a button and the money comes.

  7. tek nokilr

    I agree that you have created passive income but he is correct you have put a lot of time and effort building your brand which is why people click on your videos – thanks again for great videos

  8. skull gs

    Gary’s point for that guy specifically due to the way he sound and how he asked the question was to make clear for the guy that it wasn’t like a magic trick out of nowhere.

    And that you have to put a lot of work behind a business like yours and also that in the moment you stop creating ways for future earnings, your old work will stop making money in a couple of months

  9. ytfb bet

    We make over $10,000 a month easily just promoting one product. This involves no work. Gary V is wrong and just trying to sound smart.

  10. Michelle Seadore

    Passive income not easy as said but I always kept my mind open to new investment opportunities. I received lots of negative response from friends when I first started digital currency investments, now I keep them shut with my 4 figure profit weekly

  11. Chad Tennant

    9 to 5 slaves are gary's market, so it's in his best interest to tell them passive income doesn't exist (while making passive income from them). Ironically, what does he think his book royalties are, earned income? Lol

  12. Appareo

    Hey Sarah, I'm setting up my shopify dropshipping store and I was wondering if it is a good idea to add basic products to my store and after that I would add very niche products to then advertise on social media. These basic items would basically serve as a trust seal… Do you think this is a good idea? Greets from Belgium!

  13. Daniel Venter

    I do not feel it exists!!! not at the scale you think it does. $10 000 a month isnt a lot either. There is passive income but if you talk about real business bringing in 100 000 of dollars a month you wont be trying to do things passively

  14. Mark Hallam

    Wouldn't you say that your having to make a lot of effort with marketing however to make any money from these affiliates (like this video itself)? So in the end that is not really passive?

  15. Ade2Bee

    If you listen to what he said, it is the concept that you don’t have to work and somehow flick a switch and get money coming in passively.… If you put working to an item, I don’t think he sees it as passive income he sees it as hussle, hustle is not a dirty word with him

    Dam! I didn’t watch till quite the end.… And you ended up saying what I’ve just done.… Good click bait article by the way, click bait? You are purely teaching people and showing them that not everything is free in life in fact nothing is

  16. Raphael Meireles

    The only problem with passive income is that it's as "passive" as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is "democratic".

    You didn't get passive income from affiliate marketing. You got an EXTRA INCOME from doing videos. If you don't make videos, you don't get "passive" income. Or at least not nearly as much. You might still keep earning some for a couple of weeks, but if you just stop making videos tomorrow, after a month your "passive" income will have dropped CONSIDERABLY and after a year or so it might just be nonexistent.

    And in addition to making videos, this "passive" income also requires that you keep updating them from time to time, depending on the thing.

    The big thing that people like Alex Becker and Gary Vee have against passive income is not the thing itself, but the name and the idea that it generates in people's minds that you can make money without doing anything. It's a sales pitch, a buzz word of the moment. Nothing else.

    Real passive income does exist. It's calling leaving your money in a savings account forever. Good luck with that. Inflation will shred through it.

    Any other thing requires work (and that's why it makes money). And there are different strategies. You can put constant work and get constant money, like on a traditional job. Or maybe you can put a lot of work prior on something like writing a book/affiliate marketing/building a funnel and then you can enjoy some grace period for a couple weeks/months, but eventually, if you wanna keep the money coming in at the same rate, you'll have to do something again. And that's the thing. It's not truly passive.

    You could say it's semi-passive income or whatever, but I'm pretty sure that what really makes people like Gary mad is this idea that influencers put in people's minds with the word PASSIVE that you can just do nothing and make money. Push a button once and cash will flow into your bank account every month forever, and you'll be able to sit on a beach in Mexico. That's the problem.

    I'm sure Gary isn't ranting against affiliate marketing, e-books or whatever. He's just ranting against saying that it's passive. Because it's not.

    Not hating, just trying to explain the real reason behind this controversy. Peace.

  17. Hyago Silveira

    This is your most recent video so I figured my chances of a reply were greater. I just want to know how do you feel about a one item store for drop shipping? Instead of having a general store, or a one niche store with multiple items ( for example your coffee store video). Are one item stores profitable?

  18. LORD_VACO _

    Passive income exists and for sure Gary knows that but his answer was more about siting on the beach and enjoy it without doing anything.

    I also believe that even you understand that but then tryed to turn it over by cutting single sentence out of content.
    Only problem I see here is that to use name of a successful entrepreneur as a click bite u try to put shadow on his work.

  19. Jazmin Bautista

    Depending on your perspective on passive income, both of you are right! The only misleading concept people don't know about passive income is that you have to put in more effort to build it from the start.

  20. David Doc

    You seem very nice but if you listen to what he says he says the people selling courses/selling hope are the ones making money they are everywhere you’ve done it yourself in this video: how I make 10k a month passive income you’ve copied that title as everyone uses it who is lying but I’m not saying you are lying in this case titles to sell hope and get someone to buy your course Gary clearly references this and that’s what he means.

  21. Shukrant Tanwar

    Are you actually being serious in the video?

    What gary said was in context of the response that he got from the guy asking the question.

    What in the world it has to do without you?

    There's nothing like passive income. No income would occur if you go and lie on a beach in Mexico.

    It's about the continuous efforts that you put into the business.

    No one made money without putting in the work unless they had a rich father.

    Stop misleading please.


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