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Hey everyone!

In this video I show you how a simple carousel ad generated over $25,000 in two weeks!

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18 Responses to “How I Made $25,000 With One Carousel Ad in Two Weeks | One Product Dropshipping”

  1. calvin crane

    Thanks- very interesting I will be watching again. How do you work out the breakeven price. I saw you were spending over 15 pounds to get a sale sometimes. Because surely that depends on costs and you dont know the costs because the advertising is unknown?

  2. dotchin

    Awesome value as usual! very different topics from what other experts would do.
    Just a question here… what are the interests that you target for your campaign and which countries are the main bulk of the purchasers?

  3. soum

    Can you make a video on targeting? It's the most crucial factor and 99% fail in it.
    Also, everyone says $5 a day budget is good to start but creating more ad sets means $25 a day and not many people have that budget while gathering data to pixel. You also started with Β£250. Is this how you started? $25 a day?

  4. Hansen Dudaev

    your ads manager shows you that the cost per result is averaging about $18ish,

    that means i need to find a product that can make at least $18ish per sold to make a profit?

    $18ish profit is really hard, so if im correct, youre making most of your profits from follow up marketing right? because i think its really really hard to break even if you only count your purchases

    if im correct 1387 : 43 is about $32, so you are selling a $32 product , is it still possible to sell low ticket ($10) ish items using facebook ads and still get a profit?


    Hey Chris! Regarding product suggestion of β€œSunglasses” which doesn’t solve any problem… will people really buy this ? when everyone are so β€œBrand Conscious” these days ?

  6. Tome

    Great value thanks! You have to sell quite expensive products now if you can afford 24Β£ and 35Β£ per one purchase plus you need to fit your profit into it. That leaves me quite confused, as I am trying to sell cheaper products and it scares me that FB is quite expensive. For example, the product is 15Β£ and I sell it for 44.99Β£ ..with 24Β£ for one sale I would earn so so 5-6 pounds. I am confused about how much margin I should expect as I know there will be some returns, then some people also pay Philippines guys to help them out and so on. (I am not successful with my dropshipping yet, I am just gaining knowledge and testing some basic FB campaigns with no sales yet)