Gravity Forms User Registration with WordPress Tutorial

This is a Gravity Forms User Registration with WordPress Tutorial. In this tutorial I use WordPress with the User Registration Gravity Forms Plugin.

Gravity Forms:

I use the gravity forms user registration plugin on my Divi Planet website. I made a gravity form with user registration when a customer purchases a product.

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Divi Theme:

It will send the user an email with an activation link. The user clicks the link and is now a wordpress user on your website.

There is a notification that is sent to the admin when a wordpress user is created. This is one of my favorite Gravity Forms Features.

Gravity Forms is so versatile and flexible you can do a number of different things. I use Gravity Forms on all my websites.

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  1. Hi, can you please explain how did you made the login form ? Thank you !

  2. What is the usage of the FEED – I can't seem to understand the FEED? Is there any documentation/explanation on the FEED? Thanks.

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