US vs China trade deal update

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This quote seems appropriate to explain the current status of the ongoing US and China trade talks.

In this week’s episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki welcomes back his friend and macro-economic expert, Richard Duncan (Corruption of Capitalism, The New Depression, The Dollar Crisis).

Richard (former economist at both the IMF and World Bank), lives in Bangkok, Thailand but continues to predict the future of capitalism and socialism around the world, including here in the US.

President Trump and the widening US and Chinese trade deals

“Nero fiddled as Rome burned,” aptly explains Robert’s thoughts on the status of the US economy.

As Richard sees it, the US is currently in contentious trade talks with China, which is probably the biggest geopolitical issue since the fall of the Soviet Union. President Trump is digging in his heels and is ultimately trying to stop China’s rise to power by any means necessary.

If China continues its rise like it has over the last few decades, they will be positioned to take the top spot as the world’s supreme economic superpower.

Richard brings up the tariff’s that President Trump has applied to big Chinese manufacturers like Huawei. Richard and Robert share the belief that China will have no choice but to retaliate if the US continues to strong-arm Chinese businesses.

Richard’s advice to President Trump on the US and Chinese trade talks

When asked what Richard would advise President Trump to do, he recommends we follow the Chinese government’s lead by investing in 21st century industries like artificial intelligence (AI), genetic engineering, biotech, nanotechnology, neuroscience, and robotics. He knows the trillions of dollars the US government could invest would payoff for decades to come.

What does Robert see while he travels the globe? The same thing Richard does. While the US government focuses on increasing its friction with the Chinese government, China is dumping trillions of dollars worth of investment into the very same industries that Richard recommends the US do.

With such explosive investment capital that the Chinese invest into the future, Robert asks if there’s anything good about the situation for the US.

Even though things look dire for the US government, the people of the United States still have one thing going for them: more purchasing power.

The Chinese still require the average US citizen to purchase products they manufacture, for now.

The US and Chinese trade deals effect on inflation

Won’t it lead to inflation?

Now that President Trump has placed 25% tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods and threatening another $300 billion, its highly likely.

And because the global economy is crashing, however slowly, the price of oil is crashing as well. Even while the US continues to take Iran’s oil off the market to push the price higher, the prices continue to plunge.

Though the prices of gold and oil historically track very closely, gold continues to rise while oil continues its plunge.

So what is the average person to do?

How does the US and Chinese trade talks affect you?

Richard and Robert agree: mind your own business.

Make your business as recession-proof as possible. Invest in rental properties and the land beneath them.

Is the US a capitalist or socialist economy

First, a quick recap of how capitalism started. At the beginning of the 19th century, there were no laws and businesses could basically do whatever they wanted. There were no laws protecting people (including children) from being taken advantage of. This included a lack of protection for the elderly who, like us all, eventually could no longer contribute to society.

As we entered the 20th century, however, our government implemented social programs like Social Security and unemployment insurance. So for the better part of the past 75 years, we’ve been living in a very socialist society.

While living conditions for the masses has improved, so has the income inequality between the rich and the poor. If things continue along this path we will have something closer to an oligarchy where there will only be the uber-rich… and the rest of us.

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47 Responses to “[FULL VIDEO] China Trade Deal – Rich Dad Radio Show”

  1. Mhol061720a

    He still didn’t answer the question about saving money. Robert, stop criticizing and answer. “Should a person save money?” If they don’t save money, how would they provide for their family, provide for their children etc?”

    We know your not saying, “save it because there is none.”

    But don’t save it and let it pile up but do something with it like buy property. Don’t let it sit in the bank and it yields hardly nothing.

    Your not specific Robert.

  2. MJ Walcott1

    Please stop interrupting the man. Please. What's the point of having a guest, when you are going to keep him from fully expounding. Frustrating interview!!

  3. dbram32

    Gold requires Human Capital to Mine, Refine, Mint, Market and Secure. Unlike the Funny Money that has no backing to even be called A Medium of Exchange. There is no means of the Oligarchs creating Gold (or Silver) out of Thin Air, like Federal Reserve Notes (DEBT).

  4. John Blackman

    Saving is often conflated with investing. You need to save to invest, so distinguish saving cash for the sake of keeping it in a low interest account that is losing value via the printing you mention and saving only as a precursor to invest in something like real estate.

  5. Byron Thomas

    Listening to this session over and over again, the part that Mr. Duncan states the U.S. is going to go back tonthe 1800s or 1700s is a scary notion. Mostly.for Black People.

  6. Geovanni CRNV

    Hello! Thank you for the video!
    I have a big surprise! Is Robert Kiyosaki comming to Mexico City? A company is promoting him everywhere in the city, I have prove of the advertisement… Because we want to assist and meet him… We are not sure if that's true. Thank you for your answer

  7. Robert Lefebvre

    So if all the predictions come true that China will be this colossal successful economic power, does it mean all the talk that Communism was inefficient was bullshit? That would mean years of propaganda I've been subjected to no longer applies (or something like that).

  8. Pe Painville

    I love you Robert thanks for helping me out in life, I’m only 34 never had financial Educacion until I met you. I’m about to invest all my money and it’s all thanks to you .

  9. Servicing IQ

    1st mistake is assuming that you can invest, or out run your competition by investing.
    Unfortunately there is a merge of calamities.
    The old but new science is about to change everything.
    And dominance will need to be all encompassing, and everything tracked, for those that understand the science can operate with dominance.

    Armies don’t Align for War, they Align for the Great Crossing.

    End of Line

  10. RJN4444

    Robert I suggest you invite Tom Woods on your show to explain the difference between Capitalism and Socialism. Robert has it wrong.

  11. gnostically speaking

    Because of the poorly thought out way of this trade war, the U.S. can't win in the long term. China's market is too big and necessary for U.S. firms. For example, China Mobile, the number 1 wireless provider but not the only, has over 700 million subscribers. Now China knows it can't rely on a U.S. supplier for anything. Wouldn't be shocked to see Chinese developed and competitive semiconductors, wireless operating systems, jumbo jets, etc. emerging sooner than thought. Also wouldn't be surprised to see China slowly push a nationalist "Buy Chinese" mantra over the same time frame. If, or when, all this happens, U.S. firms likely to suffer greatly.


    31.57, this man is so fucking right when it comes to the economy and consequences. Never heard of the man, gotta go see what else he has to say. I do agree what he said about food, but I wouldn't go Socialist on anything else.

  13. Jose Fernandez Borges

    Have an strong dollar, then others country with weak currency will back up their currency an economy in USD, it is not a bad idea. If USD became weak, they will use gold (and similar things), and the US will have least power.

    I borrow USD and buy cryptocurrency, and everything have been good, and will be better.

  14. JT Arita

    I’m a 22 years old man working in store with not much money to support in my life I don’t know what to do I’m going in circles with no step ahead to the future, moving around house to house with no home to stay and I’m not a criminal or anything I don’t know what to do where to star what’s right or wrong where to go and where not what and what not to do, I grew up parentless with not much teaching even in school they all care about is do the homework for the day if I can get any help I would gladly thank you

  15. Chad Zavala

    Great guest speaker. Rather than fighting over partisan issues he brings attention that we already live in a socialist society. Make the pie bigger rather than fight over how we divide the pie.

  16. david bolanos

    my cashflow the investment game stopped working. I havent used it in a few months. i went to play it today and it wont open. i checked the app store and it looks like it's no longer available. can you give me any onsite on this or guide me to someone that might be able to help me ?


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