Real estate is unlike any other investment. It requires specific skills and focus. In this episode Robert & Kim talk to their personal real estate partner, Ken McElroy. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and why real estate is Robert’s favorite investment.



  1. 0505gaga

    I don't quite get the refinance part. I know refinancing will lower monthly payment hence increase cash flow, but how do you take The initial investment out of the property? By taking equity Loan?

  2. Betty Hiland

    I wish you guys would come and buy out my apt complex. Its Vista Shadow Mountain Tulsa. I love my apt been here for about 30 yrs. The management here is so bad now they dont have the grass cut till its 2ft tall. They do not fix water leaks. I've got 2 cups a minute coming from a tub faucet that ads up to 5000 gallons of water a month. I have reported it about 6 times. I told them look at your water bill, they could save a bundle just repairing simple water leaks. And hiring their own yard crew.

  3. Dstorm 2.0

    You have to now your Expense, ROI , NOI, screening tenant and you have to be able to stomach the wins n loss' too. Any investment you put your money into, it all comes with risk factor. People have to do their researching and due diligence before making major decision multi family property.

  4. Phillip

    Robert this advice is literally to sit out and wait on the market. But how long can we wait. No one knows when the market will collapse. We also lose by not being active in this market.

  5. JoeShmo

    Wow! I love this particular episode.
    I am wanting to get into real estate investing very soon.
    This episode was gold for me!
    I was at work writing things down!
    Thank you so much Mr. Kiyosaki for sharing your wealth of knowledge and team of experts knowledge with me!
    My life has been changed by your book, and the information you have shared!

  6. Tyler X

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to invest in this great knowledge. I am getting out of the military and am transition into free college with no BAD debt and and wanting to create as many ASSETS as I can while I am studying for my passion. I'll wait for the right opportunities and learn as much as I can in the process with your help and virtual mentorship! Again I want to say thank you.

  7. Mark Caudill

    In my area the good real estate deals can't be had, there is to many investors to compete with. There are other ways to build residual income.

  8. John Tucker

    Hey Robert, do you have any advice to Canadians, as far as where and when we could start into this venture? Our economy is slightly different, but the "brick and mortar" is a huge concern here as well. I'd also like to know where I can find a Canadian version of Ken McElroy if someone could help me there I'd forever appreciate it ☺.
    Edit: Unless you do business up here too Ken.

  9. UltimateBargains

    Owner occupied homes can be great investments, as long someone else is the owner occupant paying for the home. You can acquire control with an option or a lease-with-option, and then flip the contracts to an owner occupant. No license required, because you are principal party to the transaction. No money out of your pocket, and you get cash now, plus monthly cash flow, plus a nice balloon payment in the future, and zero responsibility for taxes, maintenance, repairs, or debt.


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