Instead of telling yourself “I can’t afford it” ask yourself “how can I afford it”

Do you want to be rich or comfortable?
Do you want to be an entrepreneur or an employee?

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  1. Samuel b

    Who in they’re right mind would not take out LLC insurance, if there was anything I would do first before starting would be open an LLC. The way I see it he should be excited to open an LLC. I think why am I getting an LLC? It’s because I picked up my own balls and I’m doing something with my life. Just do it God Dammit.

  2. Iz Abs

    That's terrible that you need professional help when you argue. My husband and I always resolves our differences ourselves. Call me when you are upset and I will give you free advice

  3. SM

    Seems kinda sad how they have acquired so many things in life yet bouts of depression set in and they have to rely on professional counseling at a moments notice to solve their marital disputes. Goes to show you that money doesn’t buy true happiness or joy! This can only come from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  4. twotime88

    I love these two!! They are straight forward and don't sugar coat anything. Their presentations are just as good as the books, which is rare. Good job guys!!

  5. fugly75

    n 2006 and 2007, Kiyosaki's Rich Dad seminars continued to promote real estate as a sound investment, just before their prices came crashing down.[67]

    In 2010, Allan Roth of CBS News documented what occurred when he attended one of Rich Dad's free seminars and dissected some of the tactics employed.[68] The Marketplace expose on his seminars in Canada showed what occurred in $450 seminars through a hidden camera including Kiyosaki's response to them.[69]

    In 2015, advocating the purchase of gold, Kiyosaki predicted in his seminars in Philippines that there would be an even bigger financial crash in 2016 which would be worse than the 2008 crash.[70] His prophecy did not materialize.[71]

  6. L. A.

    Be careful wh eckart tolles books… if what he is saying in his book is not pointing u to Jesus, it will destroy yr soul in hell… i did not say that… y because life is about Jesus… u can have all the money in the world but if u r not saved at death, yr will suffer a lot in hell… also, when it comes to spirituality, eckart tolle has nothing to say…because there is no spirituality outside of Jesus… the Creator of heaven and earth…

  7. True Teachings Of Islam

    Creating a few assets solely for the purpose of building homes, feeding, education, perhaps providing jobs around the world to the extremely poor will definitely cure depression.
    You’ll feel good, chemicals will be released in your body when you do and not only that but you’ll be changing lives to a whole new level and in a greater way. Literally. It’s a win win.

  8. Michael Villalpando

    Come hang out with me Robert when you get bored,
    We can go fishing or something,
    Nothing fancy just plain and simple.

    Maybe teach me a thing or two, who knows maybe we'll
    Be great fishing buddies.

  9. Zavi Viano

    Robert and Kim… you guys are amazing, love you guys. I can't decide what I like most about Kim there is just so much to like. Robert is obviously the iron fist and Kim the neutral yet firm one, a well balanced relationship no wonder they so successful well done to you both. And thank you! If it wasn't for rich dad poor dad I would have still been blind today and not on this once in a lifetime journey.

  10. Mauro Sandoval

    I was working in the oil fields when A buddy spoke to me about the Rich dad poor dad book and wow 😲 I have not looked at money or a job (slave place) the same ever since. Thank you Robert Kiyosaki for your generous heart. The information you put out has helped my wife and I step into our very first LLC. Your generosity and God’s goodness have now changed generations to follow in our family line. We are going on a year now without a paycheck and it’s a dream come true.

  11. LC4u2

    You have everything and you're depreseed… 🙄 the whole "I dont want to be rich, I want to be comfortable" isn't so bad after all. 😒


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