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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas speaking to AT&T and his Harbor Solar Employees. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

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41 Responses to “Eric Thomas | Healing from Trauma (Forbes Interview) Part 2”


    That other guy at the table didn't get to say nothing. He held that that mic sipping water the whole time🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  2. Max Sharpe

    Real easy to see why he is number 1. This dude has changed me and now im on my way. Hes real with everything which makes it relatable to those of us who are going through something similar to what he did.

  3. Herbert Brooks

    A problem is a problem. They are different for different people. Don't compare yours to others and say "I don't have one". Identify it and acknowledge it as something in the way and the pain of it and push through it. Then you know that victory over challenge as part of your story.

  4. The Next Ruler

    This just confirmed the Most High has got a team for me. I will have to teach them what I need from them. But once that get it we going to a new level of greatness.

  5. Dean Warren

    Thank you Dr ET for this inspiring words, you just refueled my tank…i am going true something in my marriage and i veld like giving up but i can safely say that giving up is not an option and i choice to be a WINNER and not a loser.

  6. Kenneth Tolbert

    What You Trying to Get in Trouble?!
    California junior varsity state champs!!! I feel like Floyd Mayweather the way everybody keep calling me Champ. "How you feel Champ?" "You hungry Champ." ”Homework? You don't need to turn in homework Champ. Just make sure your attendance is on point, I can't pass you if there is no evidence of you being here." The only one who don't call me Champ is my Baby. She do call me Papi doe!! There are a million Champs, but she only got one Papi. (she calls her real Pops: Dad or Daddy) I had to check her the other day because she was playing games. We have three classes together but she still comes to my other classes. The first few days it was cool but after a few days I was like, "what you trying to get in trouble so we can't hang out?? Take that ass to class so your mom don't trip out on us." "Okay Papi." Oh and the church threw me a celebration party on Sunday, that shit was nice! I mean it was nice. The best part was when Mom Dukes was so proud of me that she started tearing up. I have seen her cry too many times but this time it made me feel good…

  7. Tim Radio

    What up what up what up what up!? It's ya boy ET, and welcome to another edition of, bring it from the bottom baby, THANK GOD IT"S MONDAAAAAAYYYYYYY -WHOOO!

  8. Renee Tavares

    Eric you are truly good all by yourself, but a powerful force with our creator.
    Question: What is the best possible way to achieving a team in Youth Community Intervention???
    When it appears those for you, (helping you with leads) ends up in realistic results of them selling you dreams and wasting valuable time years, waiting for help to be materialize ??


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