Episode 4: LOVE & CONNECTION | Unleash Your Gift

Episode 4: LOVE & CONNECTION | Unleash Your Gift

LOVE is the ULTIMATE GIFT! What’s the gift that they’ll never forget? We all know the answer: ❤️OUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❤️

This holiday season, decide to be a generous lover with your PRESENCE and WILLINGNESS TO CONNECT with the people assembled around you.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 4: LOVE & CONNECTION | Unleash Your Gift

  1. The gift i would like most this Christmas is a gift of freedom from this life of slavery that i was born into. to do Anything , Anywhere, Anytime. The problem is everyone and most of all money that is stopping me from doing this. Joy and Love always leads to unhappiness, when i get to that happy place, everyone reminds me how shitty the world and people really is.

  2. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. I remember the lyrics of a song by John Mayer:
    "Love ain't a thing; love is a verb"

  4. It would be awesome if people didn’t take it for granted. But they always do.

  5. Thank you Tony~ What a gift from you this holiday season~🙏👍🎥🙏😊

  6. LOVE IS A WAY OF BEING! Share the kindness. Share the LOVE. Enjoy the holidays Beautiful People! End 2019 on an amazing note and gear up for a GREAT 2020.

  7. Love is the most powerful frequency. With love anything is possible. Self love and gratitude will always prevail. Dare to love yourself unconditionally in 2020 and watch the miracles come.

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