Dropshipping From Walmart WILL Get You Suspended On Amazon In 2020

Dropshipping from Walmart will get you SUSPENDED on Amazon in 2020.

It’s no longer a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN if you have a new account. If you haven’t noticed, suspensions have been running rampant for new accounts, especially the Amazon automation services that exclusively use Walmart.

Amazon has been cracking down on this style of dropshipping and it isn’t new. It was bound to happen sooner or later and the time has come.

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10 thoughts on “Dropshipping From Walmart WILL Get You Suspended On Amazon In 2020

  1. i sold item on ebay and amazon for Walmart and wasnt able to place the order on Amazon because because its asking me for customer phone number and the customer don't provided on the ebay nor amazon order so I couldn't continue the walmart order cause the phone number is required.

  2. Hi could you recommend other better suppliers aside from walmart? Thanks.

  3. I am wondering if I use Dollar Tree, would that be better? I just got my account verified.

  4. I don't hear a lot of people talking about eBay to Amazon almost exclusively the opposite. What are your thoughts on that?

  5. why they dont want you to drop ship from walmart ?

  6. Very good content .
    But my problรจme is: i have a new eBay account its means 0 reviews .
    How can i sell and how people will trust an account with 0 reviews ?some advices ???

  7. I'm so glad I ran across your video. I've seen several 20-year-olds talking about dropshipping from different retailers for Amazon and eBay, and they still do! I knew something was wrong with that. I decided to unsubscribe from these people, and I am not going to risk my Amazon or eBay account. I am very new to dropshipping, and I will definitely do this the right way. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just suscribed to you today but let me tell you this content is great

  9. Havenโ€™t been posting much lately but everything I had been saying and warning about with RA drop shipping is coming true. The thing is NOW if youโ€™re going to โ€œget into itโ€ (referring you Walmart ds/ra ds in general) most people have no idea what that means because literally it feels like you have to be Tom Cruise in mission impossible just to maintain your account. If youโ€™re not actually getting suspended because amazon wants to do a supply check other sellers will try to get you suspended by complaining youโ€™re selling your items for too cheap or even worse the brand will complain to amazon and say youโ€™re selling counterfeit goods. Now luckily for RA guys thereโ€™s been enough people fighting back legally too and winning million dollar defamation case for baseless IP claims but itโ€™s still a huge headache having to deal with amazon and anything legal. The other thing you have to worry about too now is the buyers complaining your products are inauthentic or coming from Walmart and that can also spark suspensions and money being held and the one twist to that aspect is other competitive sellers now realize that if they complain on their hundreds โ€œ buyer accountsโ€ they can actually manipulate competition. Long story short, the buyers, the sellers, the competition and most importantly amazon themselves are constantly become more keen and aware of whatโ€™s going on so if you arenโ€™t always on your A game when youโ€™re doing RA it can and will be the end super quick.

  10. Wassup Rough neck, what nacis code did you use to register your llc? Want to get mine before I register for the course

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