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Hey everyone!

In this video, I do a case study on a new store that I’ve recently launched and scaled to over $100k in sales in 25 days.

I start by giving you some info on the product that I’m selling and a basic overview of the store setup. Then, I dive deep into my Facebook ads launch strategy to explain how I was able to scale up so quickly from complete scratch. To make it easier to understand, I broke it down into 3 phases:

1. Initial Data Collection
2. Data-Driven Targeting
3. Creative Optimization

After explaining each one of these phases, I hop into my ads manager to show you what kind of return on ad spend I was able to get week-by-week by launching with this strategy. I also reveal a week-by-week P&L statement to show you how much I had to invest in getting this off the ground, and how much I profited.

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34 Responses to “[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)”

  1. Fuller Moehagen

    Hey Gabriel! Awesome video. Always good to see new content from you. Quick question. I actually started a new store around when you did (June 10) and have scaled it to $33k in sales so far. I haven't tested any new creatives since I started getting sales, however I'm currently getting the "Heavy Text In Image" message in my Ads Manager. In your opinion, how big of an impact do you think this is making on my ads and their reach? I'm just worried that the only reason my ads are doing well is BECAUSE of the extra text. I'm just not sure how big of a deal it really is, as I'm currently profitable. Appreciate any insight you may have!

  2. Elias Berdiyev

    i dont understand why yo tell people how to become successful on Dropshipping…thats more competition for us. I know it because youtube payes you but isnt that bad for us

  3. sergio acosta

    Thanks for this video Gabriel! This is definitely a great strategy but it doesn't mean you can always go with WC Pur from the get go. It may take more money to collect data but if you have a kick ass product and good funnel you should be fine. Correct?

  4. Shaambhav Shankar

    Is it profitable enough to replicate the 3 phases you mentioned in the video if a person is a beginner and has a low budget for ad spend ($5 per day for ads)
    If yes, i think it would take a significant amount of time to get 5000 views on an ad if a person has $5 per day budget for ads? What would be a good timeframe for each of the phases.

  5. Ali baba

    Hey man can u show examples of how u did the Facebook ads. Because I want to start dropshipping and I have been watching all of your vidios and there really helpful

  6. Carmelogp

    RIP. I had 3 purchases on a PPE in the first week. I ended up killing the store because it just stopped there…. I changed to VC, then link clicks, and then at the ATC stage, everything died. I got like 19 ATCs in a week. I even duplicated and doubled the budget of the adset that got the 3 sales, and nothing changed….. still no sale.