Be Well This 2018

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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas speaking to AT&T and his Harbor Solar Employees. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

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39 Responses to “Be Well This 2018”

  1. MilkyLyrics

    Another motivating video man… I have been thinking about dominating in different areas but I've been scared of the hard work and determination that goes into it and I never tried. I said to myself how can I exceed in multiple areas at the same time if I can't even get one of them right? So this idea of dealing with different problems at the same time I can really understand. And you made me motivated to try it out. Ive been wanting to do better in my studies, be more healthy and lose weight so I can be proud of my body and not feel ashamed. I have so many hours that go to waste that I could use to better myself but it's scary and probably tiring as hell. But if I can manage it I know I will make myself and my family so proud and I will be happy with who I am, and my life for once.. That is what I want man.. And I wish the best of luck to anyone who feels the same way. I will now go and try to study
    Much love to everyone <3

  2. Glory Hoggers

    ET been that dude since he was outside with the wind eating up his camera mic. Proud to say I've been along for the ride and growing daily with you. My overwhelming outcome hasn't tipped in my favor yet, but I've been building my life up one little achievement at a time for the past 4-5 years. And you are right there spearheading me along the way. Might still be sitting in depression if it wasn't for you. My people, I want y'all to understand that success isn't measured in dollars in cents. They are nice. But it's ultimately about becoming a greater person. Your character. The money will come. The jobs will come. The rewards will come. But you MUST continue through during the darkest of days. Everything is coming. Stay patient through the grind. Appreciate the journey. This world is yours baby!!!! Thanks again ET! Keep growing. 🐗🤘


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