Back-To-School Profits! Retail Arbitrage Items to Look For When Sourcing

Today I am sharing the items I sold this time last year for the back to school season! Top profitable finds I sold on Amazon FBA doing Retail Arbitrage from July to September.

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10 thoughts on “Back-To-School Profits! Retail Arbitrage Items to Look For When Sourcing

  1. Get my Free Rank guide, Amazon ungating guides or join the bolo group!

  2. Will those leads work for Canada ??

  3. I just sold my first few FBA items and was trying to figure this out! Thank you perfect timing!

  4. Great video! Is you seller account llc or are you using your name? Thank you 😊

  5. I will definitely join your bolo group, you are so amazing

  6. Hi Nikki, Big fan here learning a lot thank you. I know your criteria for minimums is $5 per but I am selling hundreds per month and my profit is around only $2 net as a new seller I am still not sure if that makes sense as this is first month selling. Thanks.

  7. Hi Nikki, love your videos… At the moment I have more than a month looking videos for Amazon Fba…online sales, RA and OA, there are a lot of classes for sale. and Im lost..overwhelmed. What do you recommend me to do first…I really need help to start with something now!..Thanks

  8. When you do RA should you sell new items as used? I asking coz Tesco, Argos etc are not actually wholesalers. so we are not able to provide invoices when Amazon ask..

  9. How do you get the pics for amazon ?

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