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Hey everyone!

In this video, I do a case study on a new store that I’ve recently launched and scaled to over $100k in sales in 25 days.

I start by giving you some info on the product that I’m selling and a basic overview of the store setup. Then, I dive deep into my Facebook ads launch strategy to explain how I was able to scale up so quickly from complete scratch. To make it easier to understand, I broke it down into 3 phases:

1. Initial Data Collection
2. Data-Driven Targeting
3. Creative Optimization

After explaining each one of these phases, I hop into my ads manager to show you what kind of return on ad spend I was able to get week-by-week by launching with this strategy. I also reveal a week-by-week P&L statement to show you how much I had to invest in getting this off the ground, and how much I profited.

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