OUR ADOPTION STORY: RESELLING $1 into $50,000 to PAY for our International Adoption ( FAMILY VLOG )

Our Adoption Story is very unique and different then most. We have chosen to invest $1 in products and resell them on online platforms such as ebay amazon fba etc, until we have $50,000 in savings to cover all of our projected costs for our adoption journey. We are doing garage sale and yard sale hauls to fully fund the... Read More

SAM'S CLUB SHOP WITH ME | Retail Arbitrage Selling on Amazon FBA Reseller Guide (2019)

So we decided to take a small trip to Sam’s Club for a shop with me to discuss our Bargain Strategy for Retail Arbitrage & Selling on Amazon FBA reseller guide. However, things didn’t go according to plan so we figured we would provide some of our biggest secrets on reselling products from Sams Club in our latest episode: SAM’S... Read More

RETAIL ARBITRAGE at The FIRST WALMART | Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA (Sourcing Haul)

After moving to Bentonville Arkansas we realized the opportunity to do some Retail Arbitrage at the first Walmart haul. Sam Walton originally founded the Walton 5-10 (five and dime) in 1950. We decided to do some retail arbitrage sourcing for amazon fba and take you along for the journey. Despite it being a historical location you can still do retail... Read More