Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage | How To Source Black Friday | $567 PROFIT in 4 Hours Step by Step

In this video we show exactly how we made over $500 profit doing Retail Arbitrage at Walmart & Target during Black Friday. This will show you step by step the exact products and process! The actual spreadsheet breakdown of what actually has sold so far is located at the end of the video.




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29 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage | How To Source Black Friday | $567 PROFIT in 4 Hours Step by Step

  1. Thanks for the video! It was very informative!

  2. Chaz, I sent in my first shipment recently and listed a few merchant fulfilled books. Just sold my first one that I had listed for maybe an hour! Thank you so much for all the great information! And thank you for taking the time to do this.

  3. Do you often get returns when the buyers realize that the same item cost a fraction of what they paid in their local Store ?

  4. Random eBay q, On the topic of eBay pics, anyone know why after using an automated listing publisher , and I try uploading a real photo instead of the stock photo, it says all prior pics will be removed

  5. I just seen the whole video . So you can literally send out the packages yourself without FBA? So I don’t have 2 store my stuff in the amazon facility? I can just ship them out myself 2 the customers ?

  6. So I have a question ? So if I ship the item myself do I have 2 label the item ? What about the shipping amazon fee? I am so confused.

  7. Hey! Retroxpress thrift here! We met at the bins today in San Antonio!
    Names Kyle, I appreciate your knowledge and your passion!

  8. I noticed on the Pokemons that there were 2 FBA sellers and 14 merchant sellers. Does the amt of sellers change what you may buy? It's made me leery as a newbie.

  9. Crazy Crazy Crazy!! Awesome stuff.

  10. Thank You Chaz and Trista, this helps a lot 😀

  11. Does Amazon let you sell licensed products because you've sold so many things on there? They keep asking me for a letter from the manufacturer before they will allow me to list things

  12. actually it is target policy that gives any employee the right to limit any item lol

  13. Very helpful video. I appreciated the detail.

  14. Just FYI: i sell reseller bulk boxes. If your intrested let me know. I sold one box to a content creator & made one for another youtuber last night. I just bought out a local gamestop as well. Lets talk. All new items. Instagram @offerup050 or FB ATSourcing

  15. Your videos inspire me. You are crushing this! I am going to venture out into this world so wish me luck!

  16. Awesome video Chaz, editing was on point!!

  17. Nice video way to hustle. Do you have any way of knowing why the Amazon selling notification sound is not working on my phone on the seller app. 🙂

  18. How do you get ungated? What did you submit?

  19. Great video there’s so much I learned from it. Keep crushing it out there bro.

  20. I just started doing this and notice a lot of products I try to sell, I have to "request permission to sell" How do you sell in these categories?

  21. Great video, but I'm restricted on most of these products. Gotta keep grinding until you get approval

  22. Too bad black Friday was ages ago. I wish this video was posted sooner…

  23. Amazing! I found the same item and flipped them from Clackamas area! It was one of the biggest buy cost quick flips I had done!

  24. Out of curiosity, did you happen to check on the price of the Pokemon on amazon once people had a chance to ship in for FBA, did it tank or hold strong? Glad you recovered from your sickness, here’s to a great 2020!

  25. Any tips for someone starting out?

  26. Good As New Store loves your videos…so much content

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