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Thanks for watching everyone, hope you have been enjoying my content. Today we are going through the strategy of CBO campaigns, how to use them, why to use them, how to scale them and how to make as much profit a day as possible from them.

This video is going to teach you all the requirements you need to successfully make these campaigns. It applies for retargetting, for dynamic product ads, look a likes and cold traffic interest ads.

It is important to note that I am also updating my course, ecom lifestyle university further and the price will be increasing as a result. I am very proud of my course as I am very compelled to update it frequently to give you all the competitive edge, and build long term sustainable income.

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12 Responses to “New Facebook Ads CBO Strategy Step-by-Step For Beginners | Updated For 2019”

  1. Get Notissed Media

    Duplicating cbo’s with the same audiences and having them both run at the same time is only going to work so much. We’ve been running cbo exclusively for over a year now and we’ve seen time and time again that it kills the original performing cbo because of the audience overlap and competition you create for yourself.

  2. M A

    ricky no offence broski but are you still selling and killing on shopify or have yo transferred into course selling as your bread and butter?

  3. Sameer Patil

    Hey Ricky, recently joined your Ecom Lifestyle Uni and loving it so far! What are your thoughts on using Wiio so far? I've been importing products from Ali and personally not a fan of how clunky the tool is. What has been your experience so far?

  4. Vlad Varela

    I've always had the doubt, if you start testing from aliexpress and it works, how long does it take to switch to an agent or make bulk orders, before scaling you keep at the same level spending on ads?… amazing value

  5. Yusof Najm

    hey can u do a video on writing good product descriptions for winners. if so that would rock cause i wanna scale but im not to experienced in writing good descriptions