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I’ve launched a Facebook Advertising course right here on my YouTube channel…FREE.

This program, called the FB Ad Agency Accelerator, will take you from complete beginner to top 1% FB marketer over the next 90 days.

And I’m releasing it for free right here on my channel…1 video per day.

This video is Video #41 in the FB Ad Accelerator series. This series is a full-fledged training program (in my opinion the best on the internet) designed to be viewed in order from start to finish.

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  1. Miguel Gonzalez

    Jordan – I have mentioned this before . . . but you have put together a college level course here . . . just amazing!!! This is the MBA program of FB ads, plain and simple . . Thanks bro!!

  2. andy spymaker

    Hey Jordan i had watched the reverse engineer video before i saw this one.I know i am a bit behind times Here is a question that i struggle to get answered. How should my landing page be if i were to market my services ? Should it be a call now or lead gen ? What should my budget be for the ad ? I stay in Scotland so the whole funnel idea is different over here. Just if you have any advice on this ???
    Keep the videos coming your doing awesome at explaining the whole concept.