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I’ve launched a Facebook Advertising course right here on my YouTube channel…FREE.

This program, called the FB Ad Agency Accelerator, will take you from complete beginner to top 1% FB marketer over the next 90 days.

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This video is Video #40 in the FB Ad Accelerator series. This series is a full-fledged training program (in my opinion the best on the internet) designed to be viewed in order from start to finish.

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  1. Jascha Neutelings

    Great stuff, thanks! Quick question: would it be best to have the client set up a FB pixel for themselves and have you manage this as well in order to create lookalike audiences or would it be better for you to create the pixel for them through the Business manager?

  2. God is Great

    Good Job, friend. But your series is taking too long. You should ask everyone in your series to start picking a niche and start doing market research and mastering one niche while your videos are released. Research and getting the raw materials is the most important part. As you told us before when we throw them on the wall and see if something sticks in marketing and happens only when we a highly probable stick-ability idea that shows evidence on the research. Good job again for making the effort to helping out your fellow humans. You can easily get paid releasing this.

  3. Matt S

    Just turned on Notification Bell WOW its amazing. Instantly getting notified the second you upload a video of this series onto my phone. Thanks for the great stuff Jordan

  4. Aadzz Khan

    Jordan your totally right when you said 90% of ppl wont follow this series, I intended to follow it step by step but ive been focused on so many things at once and Ik thats the worse thing to do because everybody says focus on one thing and and just pursue that, but im just caught up in trying to start up with shopify dropshipping, and smm, and learn fb ads at the same time and then i dont know what store to start and im just in a paralysis.