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I’ve launched a Facebook Advertising course right here on my YouTube channel…FREE.

This program, called the FB Ad Agency Accelerator, will take you from complete beginner to top 1% FB marketer over the next 90 days.

And I’m releasing it for free right here on my channel…1 video per day.

This video is Video #49 in the FB Ad Accelerator series. This series is a full-fledged training program (in my opinion the best on the internet) designed to be viewed in order from start to finish.

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  1. Londya England

    Most of the courses I have on this say that it's best to test 1 audience at a time, that way you know which interests you're getting most of your results from. Why do you do it this way?

  2. Ayyzuk

    Went through your videos in 3 days. Watched them in gym, on transit, and whenever I had any time. Amazing stuff, especially the theory of what makes a great ad made a profound change in my mindset. Can't wait to see the remaining videos!

  3. Ai Lo

    Finally all of the parts coming.
    Thank you soooo much Jordan (you sure you won't sell smth. If it's even better than this free course it would be an almost instant buy:))