Are you missing out on the 7 hottest digital marketing trends for 2019? Don’t miss this video!

Has digital marketing changed much since the start of 2018?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! And some of the hottest online marketing trends are moving away from social media as a ‘stand alone’ marketing channel to an omnichannel marketing approach.

Internet marketing trends are more focused on brand and are shifting more and more to audio and video content with your audience being busier than ever before in real life.

If your digital marketing strategy is focused on the wrong platforms in 2019 your reach will die and your online marketing business will struggle.

Example: Snapchat was all the craze, but now efforts on that platform will return 1/100 the value than efforts on YouTube marketing.

Are Facebook and Instagram going the way of snapchat in 2019?

If you aren’t sure whether social media marketing or search engine marketing is best for you in 2019, watch this video next:

However, if your content marketing strategy and online marketing strategy is focused on the upcoming internet marketing trends of 2019 you have the opportunity to gain market-share and outperform your competition.

This video covers not only the social media marketing trends for 2019 but also the video marketing trends.

An important key for all businesses that are running paid ads or Facebook ads is to be sure you are leveraging the power of split testing to optimize your site for conversions. This video shows how:

One of the biggest questions is: Do you have a video marketing strategy yet? If not, that is an absolute key.

To go deeper into my exact video marketing strategy including my Youtube optimization tips for 2019, watch this video:

If you have questions for me, get at me in the comments!


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35 Responses to “7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 – Your Chance To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition”

  1. Brent Peluso

    Thanks for this Miles. I will consider starting a digital marketing consulting business helping a certain local niche. I had one lady ask for my help yesterday on the shop floor. She told me I was such an amazing marketer and really put Light Cellar on the map since they hired me.

  2. Almost Home Real Estate Services

    Light on the fluff and full of good stuff. Thanks for your insights. It's always important to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, but making the best of the trends makes you a leader, not a follower… The #1 goal to stand above the competition.

  3. ALi The Prodigy

    Thanks for this, man. As I told you before, I've been working on this membership site religiously for a while now, and I'm ALMOST done with it. I started thinking about how I was going to advertise it and initially I planned on putting all my efforts into Facebook ads, but now I'm not so sure.. Do you think it's best to work with one ad avenue when you first start out? And if so, which one would you recommend for someone like me who still has to get their feet wet with paid traffic?

    Thanks, my dude!

  4. Michael Stedman

    With new channels of promotion and lead gen evolving weekly I need to clone myself 4x just to keep current. I’ve concluded that outsourcing is the better skill to have and now am researching ways to find, vett and test OTHERS to provide the skills more quickly to explore (exploit) a channel or tool. I would imagine that you don’t do EVERYTHING yourself and may have some pointers for me regarding outsourcing. Any videos, articles or posts you can link me to, please?

  5. Peter Eze

    If you diversify your ad spend on other platforms, your brand becomes familiar, people are more likely to engage with your Facebook ads because they’ve seen your postcards, or you display ads, or you YouTube ads, therefore decreasing your CPC on those fb ads. There’s no in depth explanation for that lol

  6. JK

    Hey Miles, I heard you on the Kieth Kalfas podcast. I am glad I found you. I have been learning everything I can find on marketing for the last 3 years and trying different things. I have been trying too many things all over the place. After listening to the way you explain things I can see now how all these things come together. Its like a light switch clicked. Thanks for making it all make sense. Keep it up!

  7. mohamed irfan

    Hey miles, few days back I decided to learn digital marketing and came across your channel. Your contents are really awesome man, huge salute to you. I took my first step towards digital marketing by starting to learn SEO. I wake up everyday 4am just to watch your content on SEO and i learnt a lot from it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work.
    Now im confused on how to implement these knowledge on SEO. Im thinking of starting a blog but my English is not that good and im not that good of a writer. Could you pls suggest something for me. By the way, im passionate towards fitness and planning to build my life over it

  8. evan148

    Great video as always Miles, I'd say the biggest trend I'm seeing year over year is the continued focus on actual good content, and keeping in mind the user experience. I still think so many write PURELY for the algorithm, or expect because they run followliker etc. on Instagram they will be the next Kylie Jenner, but just knowing the tactics dosen't mean much in 2019 if you don't have the knowledge, skills, and quality information to support it.

    But that has been ongoing long before 2019, I call it digital karma and it really helps me stand out pitching clients too. I had one client run down this huge list of things their old company did that confused them, a variety of acronyms and reports that didn't ammount to much more than a bloated service package. When you focus on being the most helpful resource they are so on board, and get involved in the process as well! Cheers.

  9. Ken Evoy

    You should charge good money for this, Miles! This kind of thoughtful analysis and projections for the upcoming year are super valuable… And rare!