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Hey everyone!

In this video, I’m going to try my best to answer a question that I get asked a lot: “When should you stop a failing store?”.

Since my strategy is to take a proven product, create a one-product store for it, and essentially force it to work through extensive testing, a lot of people wonder at which point they should give up on a store that isn’t profitable.

I start by explaining my minimal testing framework, which is the minimum amount of testing I will typically do for one product. This includes testing different creatives, lookalike audiences, & single interests.

Then, I explain how you can see if a campaign has potential at first glance, and what you should do to troubleshoot a campaign that clearly isn’t working.

I also explain how you can optimize your campaigns & save budget by quickly pausing bad adsets, using your breakeven CPP or CPATC as a pass-fail criterion.

Lastly, I explain how you can go from breaking even on a store to being profitable through compounding improvements in your funnel. This is extremely powerful and has the potential to turn a failing store upside down.

At the end of the video, I mention my new case study based course that launched about a week ago… Since launching, seeing the student results inside the private group has been nothing short of amazing.

If you’ve already seen my free content and you understand my strategy, I truly believe that seeing this case study will make everything click.

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20 Responses to “When Should You Stop a Failing Store? | Troubleshooting Facebook Ads”

  1. Thomas C

    Hi Gabriel, tons of good stuff. I am in my first failing 1 product store that has better original made ads, good clicks but not much add to cart, even I consider my design is good, so I decided to switch a new store. You said you succeeded store is 60%, hope you could share the 40% of 1 failing store that why you decide to move on. I think general people don't succeed fast, so it might be a good content for you.

  2. Ray Neo

    Hi Gabriel Sir. What if im selling products under a category. Let's say beauty related. I have maybe over 50+ different products for different areas. Should i just sell 1 thing? Or should i just stick to being a store that sells things for beauty?

  3. tmotten

    great content. Before you judge the ATC audience poor though, wouldn't you want to consider the results from analysis on follow up sales? Customers might just get distracted during the purchase.

  4. Shaambhav Shankar

    I have a Question

    Do you keep the same ad copy and creative(picture/video) in each adset or do you change the ad copy and creatives for each ad set? If you change the ad copy and creatives for each ad set how would you know if an adset is doing great because of the creative or because of the targeting ?

    I'm sorry i'm new to this

  5. song tian

    Thanks Gabriel, this is Song from China and I've seen many videos from you regarding drop shipping, loving those! Do you mind sharing your email as I've got a few questions hopefully to get some ideas from you 🙂

  6. Jim Hubbard

    One serious question…. If you are making so much money online, why are you doing these videos? Why aren't you living on a tropical island or throwing yourself into a worthy cause?