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In this video, I talk about how to deal with Facebook ads inconsistencies. Since Facebook ads is an auction platform and there’s a LOT of advertisers relative to the amount of ad space, inconsistencies are inevitable.

I start by explaining how the Facebook auction works and why most campaigns seem to “fizzle out”, starting with good results and then dying out.

Then, I explain how you can deal with these inconsistencies by testing more and finding new audience-creative matches. In my experience, continually testing and cycling new creatives is the key to continually winning the FB auction.

Lastly, I share my “hierarchy of testing” which is a list of the things I test with my creatives, ranked by the impact that it can have on your results.

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25 Responses to “How to Fix Facebook Ads Inconsistencies (Shopify Dropshipping)”

  1. madeinus2000

    When you have those "inconsistency" days doesn't that take away from all of your profits because you're losing money on adds? For example: You hit a 10K day and spend 5k on adds and the next 2 days you spend 10k on adds total but get only 6k in profit. After cost of goods you are most likely in the negative right?

  2. Ecom Musa

    GABRIEL IS THE MAAAAN! Finally, a youtube channel I can recommend to someone! This is so helpful for people who starting out! Back then I had same issues and I which somebody would have published a video like this!

  3. Adam Hurlburt

    Hey Gabriel great video and perfect timing! Quick question that I think would help others. Do you test different ads using new campaigns or keep existing campaign. Wondering if a campaign starts to fizzle out if it should be killed and restarted with fresh ads and audiences or if you just test new ads and audiences in existing campaign? Thanks again for the great content!

  4. JaysonR0

    Do how can you say that Copy doesn’t really matter? The copy is the meat and potatoes of what you’re selling, you cant just throw an image or a video infront of someone you have to intrigue them in the copy

  5. olson5252

    Facebook ads is wrong on cost per conversion when people order multiple products. I have a store where people order 2 products at $30.00 a piece and its very common but facebook says its only 1 sale when in fact there was two. How do you account for this issue? Hard to see what my TRUE ROA is. What do I do?

  6. AK

    I am new to FB Ads, what does it mean when you run a ppe and have cheap engagement results, high video watch time a lot of 95% and 100%, lots of unique link clicks mostly from insta feed, but very few likes and shares, rarely add to carts, some sales took place tho. How to find out if it has potential or no?

  7. matteo velicogna

    You're great! Got a question for you and the other guys on the channel. How do you receive payments from customers and how do you pay the providers? I mean, we're talking about a lot of money so i'm figuring out how is this possible with PayPal for example. Thanks!

  8. Roko Horvat

    Can I ask you one question about choosing what product to sell? Is it better that lot of stores are selling that product or that small amount of stores are selling it? I mean if lot of stores sell it it means that the product is trending and has potential but then there is a lot of competition. If nobody sells the product it means less competition but also it can mean that the product doesn't really have the right quality. Thanks a lot for the answer.