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I’ve launched a Facebook Advertising course right here on my YouTube channel…FREE.

This program, called the FB Ad Agency Accelerator, will take you from complete beginner to top 1% FB marketer over the next 90 days.

And I’m releasing it for free right here on my channel…1 video per day.

This video is Video #37 in the FB Ad Accelerator series. This series is a full-fledged training program (in my opinion the best on the internet) designed to be viewed in order from start to finish.

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  1. Aravind Chukka

    Hi Jordan, want to make a slight correction on Ad auction below is the actual and accurate formula
    [Advertiser Bid] x [Estimated Action Rates] + [User Value] = Total Value

  2. envagyokaz

    Hey, Just wondering if any of you have any info on the "free" course? It ends at 25% and the rest of the videos are "Coming Soon". As far as i can tell the last video was released over 2 months ago? It has been abandoned? I wish Jordan would charge something instead of giving up. His stuff is great…Thanks in advance!

  3. Ai Lo

    Hey Jordan could you make a video about the placement of the fb ad? Should I place my add in the news feed or on the sidebar?

    Very informative video btw thank you a lot 🙂