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This video is Video #54 in the FB Ad Accelerator series. This series is a full-fledged training program (in my opinion the best on the internet) designed to be viewed in order from start to finish.

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  1. BoroNation !!

    these videos have massive values, I'm shocked that this is free, wow Jordan, trust me no other channel in youtube is doing what you are doing, someday this channel is gonna go viral.

  2. Evan L

    Hey man, great video as always.
    Towards the end you mentioned that you discard the ads that don't perform well and scale the ones that perform well to hundreds of dollars a day. However, I've heard (from another SSMA channel) that let's say you have an ad performing well at $10-$20/day; that when you increase it to something like $100/day it can actually perform worse because it messes with the ad optimization algorithm? I'm not sure if that is bs lol.

  3. andy spymaker

    One word Jordan Awesome thanks for these videos looking forward to the next one. One question in my county i have 9800 businesses how would the FB algorithm look at this ? Will it know that there are only so many business owners in my area or would it just target everyone with in the area then just start hitting outside of the "40 mile radius" ??