Complete Google Tag Manager Course for setting up, installing, and optimizing Google Tag Manager on any site. Get your your Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads remarketing and conversion tracking codes running.
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Table of Contents:
0:29 – Step 1) Cleaning Codes
2:03 – Step 2) Organization Overview (Tag Manager Intro)
4:52 – Step 3) Install Tag Manager Code (First Time Install)
4:57 —– Create Account
6:00 —– Tag Manager Code
8:17 —– WordPress Install
9:14 —– Page Builder Install
10:13 —– Shopify Install
10:33 —– Google Tag Assistant
12:59 – Step 4) Install Google Analytics
18:30 – Step 5) Install Facebook Pixel
23:56 – Step 6) Install Google Ads Tag
29:20 – Step 7) Conversion Tracking & Triggers
30:08 —– New Trigger
32:56 —– Google Ads Conversion Code Creation
35:32 —– Install Conversion Based Tags

Google Tag Manager Course: Complete Step By Step Guide To Setup (Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics)

Do you want to know how you increase your sales and grow your online business? Are you stuck with conventional marketing tips online and stuck with your business growth? You definitely have to watch this free Google Tag Manager course! I made this video especially for you!

In expanding your business online, gathering data about customers such as who are they, and what do they want, is vital for your success. You can expand your business exponentially by using various tools like Google Analytics to analyze what marketing strategy suits you best. Analytics is essential in converting your leads into buying customers.

Digital Marketing lives on these data. We need to know how customers interact with our website and use this data in strategizing our promotions and marketing.

Collection of data may not be easy for you and may be time consuming if you do not know what data to look for, and the right places to gather data.

Watch this Google Tag Manager course online and let me help you in expanding your business through this course!

Google Tag Manager provides for free a basic, dependable and integrated tag management system. It allows marketer to use website tag without needing developers. Follow this Google Tag Manager course to know why you should use it as your business solution to your tag management and how you can use it.

It greatly helps in our marketing’s strategy efficiency and effectiveness for we get to control the tags that is generated and monitored. It enhances the accuracy of the analytics that we use. Providing as an assurance that the reports that we use as basis gives us a clearer view of what and who is really our audience.

In simple illustration, Google Tag Management works through sharing of data from your website to another information source with the use of Google Tag Management. The code is readily available and stored in one place thus making it very useful in Tag Management. It enhances our adaptability and versatility in managing our marketing tags.

Once you learn Google Tag Management you will realize how amazing and important it is to your business. With it, you track events such as but not limited to, downloads, website clicks, website scrolls, promotion tracking.
Watch this Google Tag Manager course to know everything you need to know in Google Tag Management, from creating your account, setting up tags, know what are variables and constants in google tag manager, how to use it, and more!
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34 Responses to “Google Tag Manager Course: Complete Step By Step Guide To Setup (Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics)”

  1. Antônio Guedes

    Not sure why my first question didn't go, but I was having issues with the conversion tag. It would not fire. I have a subdomain setup for my ads. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It's helps a lot!

  2. Antônio Guedes

    Hey, I think I fixed it by adding a new Variable and set to URL. Then it started to fire on my subdomain. I also setup cross-domain at the GA Base Tag. That alone didn't do the trick, though. The final variable setup did. So, I hope it works!

  3. Rachel Chafer

    Hi Jason. Thank you so much for this newer version of the GTM installation. Do any of your videos show how to install floodlight tags from other sources? I'm also wanting to add tags from Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. What are the best tutorials for this?

  4. Wigs N' Wine TV

    Wow you are excellent… I have a couple questions I will post later today because when I try to do the conversion tracking yesterday I had to go through a bunch of steps and paste a cold and my shopify theme… I am not sure if I did it correctly but it doesn't seem is so you did it that way so what I really need to know is if I can just reverse what I paste it into the shop if I theme. Is there a reset button basically is my question. Also I keep having to error messages in Google add related to the Google add tracking and the Google conversion tracking. I'm wondering if this is because when I signed up for the Google shopping app located within Shabba flies apps I did not do the Google Shopping feed app but the one that supposedly isn't as good. At some point it asked me if I wanted to sign up for Google shopping and I said yes and then it asked me if I wanted to sign up for Google smart shopping and I said yes. But I did not realize that the time that supposedly you need to have 5200 conversions before you sign up for smart shopping. So maybe that's why I have those two error messages. I don't know but I know that I'm paying for ads and they're running and I'm getting some Clicks but no conversions so I'm starting to think that maybe I'm wasting my money right now or maybe I should turn off the ad until I figure out how to get rid of that error is there some way that I can cause the eggs and then use the regular Google add and then go back and do Google shopping later

  5. Federico Gompertz

    Great video Jason! I have a doubt with the google conversion tag installation. I followed your steps for an commerce site and I did it for a sales conversion. The thing is that when I entered preview mode and did a test purchase, the tag didn't fired. Could this be because the purchase didn't came from a google Ad? Thank you!

  6. Frank Pereira

    Question. wWe are using the Woocommerce Analytics Pro plugin with that cause issues? And I created a tag manager and added the code/script do we still need to add the tracking script to the site… <!– Global site tag (gtag.js) – Google Analytics –>
    <script async src=""></script&gt;
    window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
    function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
    gtag('js', new Date());

    gtag('config', 'UA-11111111');

  7. Evolution Daily

    JASON holy crap man! Thank you sooooo much. I can't even explain how helpful this was. I wanna buy a course or some coaching from you soon at the very least to support you and say thanks for making this video.

  8. 9to5 Liberation

    can we use tag manager if using YT ads———–landing page————-Affiliate offer page—————-customer bought affiliate offer———–conversion pixel record conv thru postback url.

    if possible how to set it up ?

  9. Siôn Jones

    I'm using Weebly site make and unlike wordpress I do not have sections to put in the body script for GTM. Does this mean I need to manually install the body code on all pages? or do you or anyone else know of a way I can add the body code through a simpler process?

  10. Annie Ha

    Hi Jason,

    Do you also use Google Analytics as for tag when making new events trigger? or only through the Google Adwords for tag manager? which one is better? thanks a lot for your very helpful and informative tutorial channel.


  11. roffaD

    Hello Jason, at 18:10 my GA tag wouldnt show, I get an error saying "The Adblock Plus – free ad blocker extension may prevent Google Analytics from working correctly"
    I removed adblock from the page and I continued to get the error.

  12. Sina Rahati

    Weldone Jason. You simplify and make it easy for everyone to understand. I was wondering if you have any course for submission tracking without thank you page and also 2 layer tracking when we want to track those who converted as lead and did some other action if we direct the lead to another page.

  13. New Money Mindframe

    Awesome job on this complete training course!!!! Lets call it what it is… it's a straight up A-Z tutorial !!! AMAZING JOB !!! My team will be able to use this instantly!! Thank you very much

  14. Flat Belly Diet

    I did everything as you said till 18:00 but when I refresh the page and click on tag assistant it only shows that google tag manager but not the google analytics. Can you explain what might be the reason? During the preview, everything was working fine as you have said here in this video.

  15. Sports Ripple

    Thanks for this tutorial. It has been very helpful. One question though. In the conversion tracking, how do I implement the conversion tracking and triggers on places like Clickbank, maxbounty and other CPA Networks since i don't have access to the confirmation pages i.e thank you pages

  16. Marina Meer

    Hi Jason! Thank you for the tutorial, it's really useful. Can you please tell if it is possible to create smth like Dynamic Remarketing with the help of Google tag manager?

  17. J YH

    Great vid as always. I recall you “not retroactive” warning ⚠️ in another video as well. Thank you for focusing on the details and delivering so much value for all to benefit from!

  18. Awesome Tuts

    I set up my google ads remarketing tag, but I clicked on the option "Collect specific attributes or parameters to personalize ads" and now on the google analytics tab I get this error: " Your Google Analytics tag is missing "program ID " and message below that error: " To tailor your dynamic ads to visitors' activity on your website, make sure "program ID" is included in your tag "

    I tried to select the first option in the remarketing tag which is this: " Collect standard data available from this data source " but it does not allow me, it says "You've chosen to personalize your ads"

    Is this going to mess up my tracking?

    Is there any way that I can recreate a new remarketing tag because I can't edit this one and I can't find an option to create a new one.

    Anyways any workaround this would be helpful.