Facebook Advertising might be the most effective way for you to grow your membership site without spending a fortune.

In this step-by-step video tutorial of the entire Facebook Advertising platform (including a deep-dive into the Ads Manager), we’re joined by online entrepreneur & digital marketing expert Miles Beckler. In it, he shares the exact process he uses in 2019 to build profitable marketing funnels for his primary online business.

Miles calls these “self-liquidating funnels” and talks about how actually building one is something that most marketers and entrepreneurs will never achieve. Well, Miles has certainly cracked the code to creating these profitable sales funnels and keeps no secrets to himself when outlining his methods and techniques in this video.

In this video, Miles shows you exactly what you need to do to get up and running with Facebook Advertising, including detailed explanations of custom & lookalike audiences, the art of crafting ad copy, how to navigate Facebook’s ad manager, and much more. This is a step-by-step tutorial designed to give you both an action plan and the inspiration to get started.

After you watch this video, you’ll be fully equipped to put the power of custom & lookalike audiences to work and get your first Facebook Ad up and running. Miles doesn’t hold anything back in this training and generously shares from his wealth of experience.

Speaking from experience here, the quality of this content is on par – if not better – than what you would get from a paid ‘Intro to Facebook Ads’ course. And the best part? It’s coming from someone who is still in the trenches of Facebook’s Advertising platform day in and day out.

If Facebook Advertising is something you’ve been wanting to try to grow your membership or subscription site, sell your online courses, or grow your email list, but have been too overwhelmed to start, you will not want to miss this free video training.

Even if you’re already up and running with your Facebook Ads, Miles’ tutorial can help give you a competitive edge and assist you in leveling up your current advertising strategy. Miles speaks from his years of experience and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent learning Facebook’s Advertising platform through trial and error.

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 main steps you’ll learn in this video tutorial:

Step 1 – Gather a list of email for your target audience [1:12 – 2:15]
Step 2 – Create a lookalike audience in Facebook [2:16 – 8:17]
Step 3 – Write the copy for your ad [8:18 – 12:37]
Step 4 – Create a conversion-based Facebook Ad campaign [12:38 – 37:05]
Step 5 – Let Facebook AI work for you [37:06 – 44:08]

And if you want to hear the podcast episode that was the catalyst for this deep dive tutorial, check out “How to Build a Profitable Marketing Funnel in 2019 with Miles Beckler” on Subscription Entrepreneur – http://subscriptionentrepreneur.com/114

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  1. Social Speak Network

    Always such great information! Just a quick side note, I believe you do need to use the Facebook Business Ads Manager to upload the customer file. Facebook will prompt you to upgrade if you don't have the Business Account yet. Of course this could change tomorrow 🙂