Here are some tips on things you should avoid doing when marketing, promoting or pitching your new streetwear brand. I hope you guys enjoy this video! It’s a bit different from my usual discussion videos but it was a lot of fun to make and I hope it helps a lot of you who currently have a brand or plan on eventually starting one. Social media marketing is really key nowadays for any business and by avoiding some of these common mistakes made by a lot of new brands it will allow you to standout and seem more professional. Thank you for watching! – Alex

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If you have scrolled down this far let me know if you would like this to become a new series more focused on discussing the business aspect of streetwear/youtube etc etc.


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  1. Alex Zevallos

    Honestly this is my favorite video i've uploaded on this channel thus far. I have quite a lot of nearly finished videos on my laptop right now and am working to have them all completed and put out asap. If you know anyone who has a brand or is looking to start one I would appreciate it if you share this video with them! Thank you all for your patience with my inconsistent ass.

  2. Jafye Joveke

    Hey guys my name is jafye Joveke and my clothing brand is JOVEKE. Please checkout my Instagram page for more content and finished collections. My instagram page is @joveke and the website link is on the page is well . Thanks 🙏🏾


    If you trying to have influencers to work with you start an affiliate program. Then tell them they make 20% of total sale plus free gear. They get clothes and cash now it’s mutual.

  4. Ojama Da King

    Hey Alex zevallos this video helped me understand on building a clothing line because it’s all about good customer service and delivering the package when introducing your brand to someone. Thank you for this video bro

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    Another great video!
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    Thanks 🙂

  6. Sir Bantz Alot

    Alex , check my brand muh nigga ,,,im the CEO of my own brand n sheeeit, it’s Called “Dindu Nuffins” n sheeeit,,, came back from doing a bid , niggas in the clink loved how I used coffee to re color the jail jumpsuits n sheeeit , niggas said I should be a fashion Mufuckin CEO, so as soon as I got out I made became my own boss

  7. Sad Boy

    I read a lot of comments about your Background and i honestly agree. An idea for „spicing up“ your background could actually be just putting up stuff from small brands every video. I personally love following small brands on instagram just to see what they are doing and how they are evolving. For the German fellas watching the video, because of a video by „jemand“ I started following a brand because the pants he showcased we nice and everything they are doing is handmade so is subscribed to their page. Yesterday i actually bought a belt from their new collection. peace sorry for the long ass text