Facebook and Instagram are incredible marketing tools for bands, musicians, and creators – but they have BIG problems that are only going to get bigger over time.

Young people are leaving Facebook in huge numbers, and the company is drowning in scandals… I think there is a very real risk that Facebook will become the new Myspace in 3-5 years (maybe even less).

Learn what these problems are and how you and your band/company can be prepared to adapt to the future of Facebook and Instagram marketing:

– What I’ve learned doing Facebook and Instagram marketing for bands including A Day To Remember, Periphery, Issues, and Intervals

– Why bands, musicians and artists should NEVER depend solely on Facebook or Instagram for marketing

– Young people are leaving Facebook for Instagram. What does this mean for the future of social media marketing for musicians, bands and artists?

– How to prepare for the potential decline of Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools for bands and musicians (by building an email list and/or presence on YouTube, among other things)

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  1. Brian Barnhart

    Enlightening info for musicians/bands… I caught a sit-down interview the other day w a notable pop punk vocalist who's done extremely well in his 25 year plus career, stayed DIY, and maintained artistic autonomy over output, etc – when asked to offer business advice to bands nowadays, he said he hadn't really learned anything about the business side of music in all those years. As if he couldn't have fired some nuggets of wisdom in a public setting like that. This guy runs a successful machine on his own terms and has to be astute and intelligent when it comes to music biz… Not actually a musician myself, but was kinda suspect when he played it dumb, like why not offer something up…? Anyway, props on this, most bands I know are disorganized af and just need a little guidance

  2. Vinny La Stella

    I think if you’re a band, having a mailing list wouldn’t be as bad as you think. Especially for college kids, who need their emails 24/7. I think it could be used for packaging

  3. Seth Young

    I had Facebook when you had to have a .edu email address to become a member. It mattered way more then, in a person-to-person way. You are completely right that in 3-5 (I hope less) years there will be something else, that we don't even know about yet, and no one will care about Facebook.

    I'm a fan of integrity, if you believe in your music keep doing it, promoting it on whatever platform you have available, but don't think Facebook will make you big. There are ways to be strategic, but relying on anything in particular other than yourself, would be a mistake. (I guess that's general life advice, applies to lots of things)

  4. Shane's Realm

    I really enjoy your videos dude. You've given me a lot of insight into promoting my band's music. I especially liked your video where you talked about doing things DIY. That's what we're striving for. Thanks Fin.

  5. Will Bratley

    I noticed your shirt, It'd be really cool to hear about how TSSF got so big, it's like they can't help but be successful. Also, I'm seeing them live tomorrow night in England!

  6. Dani Barstad

    Even though my band is a “just for fun” project now with no monetary expectation anymore, I still absolutely love these videos and only wish i had something like it way back when I was actually trying to go somewhere with it. Thanks for all the work you do!

  7. Jon Ran

    You have to look further down than three to five years you need to look at 10 to 15 maybe even 20 because we're going to wind up with so much regulation by our government and so many corporations that get so big like Facebook you're going to have to as a band go back till like the Grassroots era were like it was all word of mouth and that's somehow going to mix in with the social media so I think for bands within 5 to 10 years it's going to be more wanting to go back to the live performance and instead of the albums it's going to be singles so as a content creator how many singles can you write that go number 1 in one week like how many singles can you write in an entire week and it Go number one instead of tutoring for 2 years come back to the month off and then work on another album and then within a month it's done and then you go back on the road it's going to be how many singles can you write in a week

  8. undertheradar

    Re your statement of going out over on Instagram rather than Facebook with paid advertisement :
    Aren't they now linked so actually you get a cross promotion of Facebook + Instagram once your accounts are linked ?
    What are your thoughts on the use of that feature from Facebook.

  9. Julien JUNG

    your content is just awesome and helps us young DIY marketer to make it the better we can ! can you explain or make a video on how to promote your band on YOUTUBE, like how to be in the ads that comes before a video ?

  10. Gold Lion Audio

    It would be great to have your opinion on budgets for advertising on these platforms depending of different sized bands. What do you think a super small local band should spend, lets say, monthly on advertising on social media ? What about a smalish medium or medium band ? (Let's say to promote a new release, or a tour). I'll read the article for sure so sorry if this is already answered on your blog! Have a nice day man!

  11. Wilson Adams

    I avoid Facebook as much as possible now adays. It sucks because I find a lot of value in the closed groups I'm a part of (WG, PRMBA, Chocolate Croissants, etc.) but my clickbait ridden news feed drives me crazy. I cant post anything anymore without my parents and relatives spamming it with useless comments and I have a backlog of 400 notifications of my mom tagging me in shitty dog toy videos…. Not bitter about it /s. I can't imagine im alone, but I agree it's definitely more popular in the older populations.

    Personally, I use Twitter a lot to connect with people in my research sphere. It's huge for academic researchers. The community really values it. I'm not sure what the future holds for it, but it seems like it's more popular in certain demographics over others.

  12. Chris Gregory T

    I'm not sure how helpful a mailing list would be for an illustrator but I'd love to hear you thoughts and ideas on the subject. I'd also like to hear more about starting a youtube channel. I've been thinking about starting to post videos myself.