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7 Responses to “Contractor Marketing Tips: Your #1 Job in Your Business”

  1. Jason Gettum

    About Home Advisor/Angies List….I think it really depends on what you do. If your a service company, I can see the validity. Didn't work for us being design/build remodel. Doesnt mean it doesnt work for others. I will also say they WILL allow reviews from people you never did any fucking business with. We used to advertise with Angies List. They refused to take out reviews of people we never did business with. We called them out for breach of contract and guess what…they now have a disclaimer on our review page. We are in the Indianapolis area. Our city funded a lot of their growth. We and the city got screwed. Can't remember the last time the company pulled a profit. So, if you want low quality leads and people that want just that, have at it. It's NOT for everyone.

  2. Gary Madrigal

    I run a small Handyman company in South NJ.. I did not do much advertising throughout much of my first 11 years in business, 90% of my business is By Word of Mouth. But, ever since I've started doing some advertising on FB and Go-Daddy. The phone has been ringing a little more but, I never really seen it as an opportunity to adjust my pricing a little higher with those customers.

    Thanks for the eye opener!

  3. Mark M

    Oh I love this one in the winter time people will say, " doesn't the work cost less because it's the winter time and everybody gives deals?" That's about the time I walk away from him and say good luck buddy, the second that conversation turns into a conversation about the lowest pricing I'm out is it's a Telltale sign of exactly how you are going to be treated by that person in the end. Tom they should be SEO optimizing their content 3 months before the they expect to get leads from new content, tell them start digging the well before they get thirsty. Preach it brother!