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5 Responses to “Contractor Marketing Tips: What is Content Marketing? (Part 1 of 8)”

  1. Scott H

    Hey Tom. Your stuff is great. I'm at this for 30 years and I'm still learning. "I don't know if Bob Villa knows dick about building house". I'm still laughing…….. Thanks Tom. I've watched 50 of your vids and I'm signing up… Thanks madman…. Anybody who grabs an empty box to write on to illustrate a point, is straight up, the real stuff. Fight on my brother!!!!!!

  2. Cade Slump

    Hey Tom, I’m in college right now at the university of Wyoming studying construction management. What tips do you have for starting up a construction company? I know you have endless tips on how to grow and make money once it’s started, but was wondering about how to start one up. Thanks so much, absolutely love the videos!