If you want to be a morning person and *actually* wake up early, these are my best tips for you!

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42 Responses to “*ACTUALLY* WAKE UP EARLY | my 7 tips”

  1. Jane Molloy

    Amy I love you so much! Your sarcasm and authenticity is the best!!! So inspiring watching these videos. I watch all of them. P.S loving your hair longer

  2. Leeah Murray

    Ugh. My problem is my days are full of meetings and my brain doesn’t even start getting into productive work mode until like 8 pm. And then I just want to work all night 😩😭

  3. Amber Webb Tv

    Hardiest thing about getting up early is a little hard times with unpredictable times of middle of the night interruptions(1 year old). So actually try to be in bed a little after 8pm. Asleep around 9pm. Up at 6 am something.
    I am bad about having my phone close by. I also listen to books or headspace so yeah.

  4. This and That with Denise Jordan

    Hmmmm, I can wake up early but 6 AM might have to be it. I don’t need to get up that early but I am a morning person. Loved this. I love how natural you are. Again, I’m here from Sean Cannell’s Inner Circle. I think I will subscribe.

  5. M B

    Given what you do, do you allow yourself a “day off”? I feel like you never completely take off, but what does that “day off” look like for you? Trying to find the balance of rest and productivity on weekends.

  6. Iridescent Glow

    Thank you… does anyone know of a solution for parents regarding the fact that if I place my cellphone in another room, I can certainly wake my children up way too early for them and they will be exhausted during the day. Is there any alternative that you know of… I wish someone would invent a machine with a timer that would blow cold air on me or some other quiet solution…?

  7. Aimee Bartlow

    I hate mornings but I'm learning to love the peace they bring just before the kids wake up. A struggle is the inconsistancies in my bed time and solid sleep (4 children). Thanks for the type of remembering your "why".

  8. E. Gaborovna

    My biggest obstacle with 5am is actually the 9pm. I need a huge amount of self control to put myself to bed BEFORE 9 so by 9 I'm asleep. That means I have to start the winding down process before I'm even sleepy and I'm watching Netflix or browsing the net, or working on my project (which last one is the reason why I wake up at 5 to begin with). That's difficult, I feel like I'm forever working on that and haven't found the best solution yet apart from sheer willpower, which obviously doesn't always work.

    But you were right about the feeling of "getting something done from your to-do list before the sun comes up". It feels amazing. I work full time and by 7.30 I'm in the office, and it feels amazing not just that I'm the first in the office and I have a quiet hour to work there too, but also I already got my time with my own project before the rest of the world starts crawling out of bed. 🙂 It kinda smoothes the rest of the day out, I'm 50% calmer, like doesn't matter what happens later I already did the one that was the most important to me.
    I can clearly notice the difference between the days when I get it done and when I don't because I went to bed at 10pm instead of 9, or the worst when I go to bed on time but can't fall asleep for an hour and I would much rather get 8 hours of sleep (so I can be productive throughout the day instead of being sleepy for a whole day) than my 5am wake up and I hate it. Hence the 9pm obstacle. It has a snowball effect.

  9. Samantha Rindfield

    I understand that in order to wake up early I must go to bed earlier. I have a job that my hours fluctuate from week to week. Some of those days I close the store so I'm not getting home until 10:30p. Lately, those nights are happening more and more often. What can I do to still be able to wake up when I want to?

  10. Sarah Lynn

    The hardest part for me is feeling so tired and not rested when my alarm goes off…I wish my body just woke up, refreshed, ready to go. Loved the tips!

  11. Shearit Makeup

    Just found your channel for the first time and you are amazing!!! And I’m totally not the commenter-type so the fact that I’m writing this means a lot. Lol. I’m hooked! Subscribing! 💛

  12. Lou Mari

    Thank you so much! I love how you keep it real. You have inspired me. 🤗 I am a mom of two little ones and I am working on waking up early.

  13. Multilingual Family

    Thank you so much for that content Amy. To me it is hard to stand up that early in the morning when I know that I haven't slept well. Sometimes my kids wake me up and I can't fall back asleep so easily anymore. Don't you get exhausted at some time of thre day?

  14. Lilly Rosa

    I have a question about a point you gave which would be helpful however I do not live alone… I live with my parents and they don't really understand what I try to do which is some of these points. Regardless, I simply can not put my phone in another room and allow the alarm go off, my mother is a light sleeper so any little noise, she is up. So, with me putting my own phone in another room isnt going to cut it. I think I'll take, I believe an advice I've heard from you or someone else but to put my phone across my room. I actually did this one time, (lol) that I literally woke up, and got up, to turn it off and went back to sleep. So idk how I'll do this but I'll figure it out. Love your videos.

  15. booklover0924

    When you said you can not relate to those that like to wake up naturally I was like YESSSSS me too! Lol. I’ve started waking up on fridays to go to 5am boot camp I figure it’s a start. I want to start waking at 5am m-th now.

  16. Cami Hernandez

    Hi Amy! Love your videos! I’m trying to network more and I’m wondering if you can advise me (and your viewers!) on this: I often get requests through LinkedIn from people who want to chat about their agency’s offerings in hopes of getting the company I work for as a client. And though my company may not be interested in their services, I would still like to network with some of them, as they may have opportunities for me in the future and viceversa. How do you respond to the initial request to meet (when you know they’re going for a sales pitch and your company is not interested in partnering with them) and how do you turn that conversation into more of a professional networking opportunity for you 😉 thanks for any insight!! Much love to you and your fam💖💖💖💖

  17. Karine Marquis

    The hardest part of waking up early for me has got to be my boyfriend turning around and starting to cuddle me when i try to get out of bed lol, how the heeeelll can i say ''nope gotta get up'' to that lol

  18. Reba LadyW

    Night owl by nature. Have battled it my whole life. Hardest part of getting up is getting to bed to get enough sleep. And I have started getting up early numerous times in the past few years. Always slide back into old habits. I am prepping for my next attempt. Great video Amy, thanks 🙏🏻😊

  19. MissAmyxo

    I never thought it would be possible…..but I've been waking up at 5:30am almost every morning, including weekends, for 2 months. I LOVE it. I used to consider myself a night owl but now I really see how much better I feel waking up without feeling out of it (due to staying up late) and getting a lot done before 9am (when I used to get up). A lot of your tips in the past have helped me out so much! I'm so excited for these tips because my one struggle has been weekends because I don't have work so it doesn't seem pressing. Going to try setting my intentions for working on Youtube those days instead! 💜